For years Gawker Media was at the forefront of the early SJW movement online. It’s particular brand of “journalism” infusing every story no matter how seemingly unpolitical at its core, with some sort of Liberal slant. While many of its still rather SJW filled offshoot sites live on, purchased by Univision during their parent companies bankruptcy back in 2016. The core Gawker site itself has remained dormant, ever since famous one time Pro-Wrestler Hulk Hogan landed that killer courtroom blow a few years back.

Recently however over a dozen old Gawker Media employees including its founding editor Elizabeth Spiers, put together a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to buy back the old domain and relaunch the site. The Kickstarter launched with the below message describing their goals.

How much did they expect their one-time fans to pay for the privilege of reading Gawker again you ask? How about a whopping half a million dollars. If you are familiar with how crowd funding sites like Kickstarter operate, you know that unless the full goal amount is reached, no money can be claimed at all. So how close did Gawker manage to get to this outrageous amount? How about less than 20% of the intended target. 

Unsurprisingly the news of this rather spectacular bit of crowdfunding failure was met with nothing but unanimous applause on sites like 4chan. 

With the websites old operators now out of the running, it would seem the last chance for a full on Gawker resurrection has now passed. All that remains then, is to see who does in fact end up purchasing the corpse of this once online news giant. 

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