In Germany, it’s no longer okay to be German. As more and more Muslims are allowed to immigrate and inhabit the cities, they soon become the majority, and those with non-Arab descent are left to fend for themselves. One mother and child learned this the hard way when a Headmaster suggested that in order for her child to stop being the victim of bullying, that she wear a hijab to blend in with the girls who were torturing her. 

A white, blonde, Christian girl with a German name was the target of harassment by several Muslim students. These students would mock her for being German and Christian, and therefore an infidel in their eyes. It’s reported that they beat her and verbally abused her. Once the girl’s headmaster found out, he told her mother that a simple solution would be for her to pretend she’s a Muslim and try to blend in with the crowd. 

“Your daughter does not have to say that she is German. Besides, you can give her a headscarf!”

Seriously? How is lying about your heritage and dressing like a Muslim going to help anything? It won’t. All this would do, is maybe get them to leave her alone for a second until they recognized her and then the bullying would just start all over again. 
Apparently, the bullying got to be intolerable enough to where the child’s mother had to pull her out of school for her own protection. A liberal would respond to this by saying, “Fake news! Just because some mean girls bullied another girl and just so happened to be Muslim doesn’t mean that all Muslims are like that!” Then they’d get triggered and scream so loudly that you’d have absolutely no clue what they were talking about. But this girl isn’t the only one being bullied by Muslims. Children in Germany are being bullied for eating sweets because they are “impure” and being told that their heads will be cut off “because they are Christians.”
Does any of this sound like “people of a peaceful religion” to you? This is yet another reason countries like Germany need to stop accepting Muslim migrants. Germany won’t be Germany for much longer.