Google Pushes For Diversity, Replaces White People In Results


Google is back to their old games. Last week, we told you how searches for Europeans and white couples returned images of non-white people. It seems not much has changed. We decided to give Google a second chance, and this time we searched for “white identical twins.”

Now that doesn’t seem quite right. The search terms are clear. “White identical twins” doesn’t leave much room for error in terms of the race of the people in the pictures it returns. So why are these pictures of non-identical and decidedly non-white twins the result of our search? There are a couple possibilities.

The first possibility is that it’s a simple mistake. There’s simply an error on Google’s side. Perhaps there’s no intent on the part of the company. However, one must think about what that would mean. Google is the most used website on the internet. The company has over 57,000 employees. It is more complicated than most people can ever dream of, with an incredible 2 billion lines of code. Despite all that, it somehow can’t manage to return image results with people of the correct race. That seems unlikely.

The other possibility is that Google replaces results. It’s certainly not out of the question, the engine has done it before. As we saw last week, other searches for images of white people return similar results. In Google’s autocomplete policies, the website states that the system automatically filters predictions that include “…language that denigrates or insults individuals or groups on the basis of race, ethnic origin…” and many other factors. Those are pretty broad terms. Perhaps Google’s code, intentionally or unintentionally, now considers searches for white people offensive. In today’s culture dominated by social justice warriors, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Maybe some would still be willing to give Google the benefit of the doubt, but the company hasn’t done much to ease any suspicion. Quite the opposite in fact. Google has long been open about their desire to be an “inclusive” company. They release an annual report all about diversity within the company. It seems Google isn’t at all concerned with maintaining quality in the company and accuracy within their search engine. Instead, the company executives are focused on making sure that the company has the right number of women, and not too many whites.

Recent turmoil within the company has shown their true priorities as well. An engineer at the company recently released a document internally that has been described as a sort of “anti-diversity manifesto.” The backlash from other employees inside Google has been harsh. Some have threatened to quit if the unnamed employee isn’t fired. In the regressive nature of society today, the first amendment is constantly under fire. It’s not surprising to see such a harsh reaction to an expression of free speech within Google.

Of course, the left won’t care about any of this. They’ve deluded themselves into thinking that white people are the only people capable of being racist. They laugh at and trivialize any issues that white people face. They blatantly show disgust with the fact that white people are successful, and make every attempt to ensure that they aren’t in the future. All the while, they laugh at allegations of racism and white genocide, but here it is, plain as day. Yet, the left will laugh and continue down this dark path, no matter where it takes us.