Has Science Killed the Feminist “Fat But Fit” Myth Once and For All?


This week just keeps getting worse for overweight American women.  Following the public release of a study proving once and for all men tend to prefer thinner looking women, which I covered more in depth here.  Comes a new study by the European Heart Journal now putting to bed once and for all that popular body positive myth that one can be “fat but fit”.  An expression particularly popular with feminist women.  In fact Wikipedia describes it as part of the wider fat acceptance movement, and states that “Proponents view the common wisdom that obesity is unhealthy as part of a general stigmatization of the obese, and especially of obese women; thus, the movement has strong connections with feminism.”

It’s largely these same obese feminists who have for years now argued that as long as other health factors were in normal ranges such as blood pressure, and cholesterol, you were still healthy despite any outward appearance.  This was key to their narrative that there was no legitimate reason to be against obesity other then a purely elitist cosmetic one.   Now a major new study has proven that all these visible extra pounds are not so harmless after all.  In fact they represent an almost 30% increased chance of coronary heart disease even among people who were otherwise healthy by other standards like blood pressure levels. 

The study, the largest of its kind to date compared data from people who were obese but otherwise metabolically healthy, and those who had other metabolic issues along with their weight problems.  While the study did confirm that those who were both obese and had other factors like high blood sugar were at the worst risk. There was still a clear large jump in the likeliness for life threatening heart conditions among the overweight who otherwise seemed healthy on paper.  As associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation put it thusly, “This study provides robust evidence that there is no such thing as ‘healthy obesity”.

The bottom line of the study, as put by lead researcher Camille Lassale, “We conclude that there is no such thing as being healthy obese”.  It’s hard to get more direct then that, but maybe that’s the type of clear talk needed to finally end the whole misguided notion behind the Health at Every Size movement. Then again something tells me the women over that Eff Your Beauty Standards aren’t the type to be swayed by cold hard science in the first place. Remember these are the same types of women who legitimately don’t think childhood obesity is the problem we should be fighting.

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