You would think, that as a high school counselor, you would willingly serve with an open heart and an open mind. An unbias attitude is an essential ingredient to a good counselor, and any student who needs it is usually provided with one via the school. This is an important era in their lives, and they deserve good, solid advice. However, we know of at least one counselor who’d rather only give counsel to left-wing children. Recently, the following was posted to Facebook in a group called “so this is the right’s fabled meming ability” (a left-wing group focussed on memes and complaining about everyday life) from a woman by the name of Kasandra Lemmin.

Warning: The following quote contains some strong language.

“I work as a counselor at a school where there’s a lot of 4chan-esque right wing boys who are coming up. The previous generation a year or two ago wasn’t too bad, but this generation coming up now is much more right wing. My question is, how the fuck do I deal with this shit? How am I supposed to honestly give counsel to a kid with a pepe shirt? How do I talk to these kids who literally come up to me and rant about affirmative action? Two years ago these types barely even existed, and now they are everywhere. Not only men but women too. They literally can’t control their right-winged belief, they talk about it constantly, everywhere.

They can’t even have a discussion about fucking math without bringing up how women hate math and science and that’s why they’re unsuccessful. They can’t talk about English class without talking about how colleges are wiping away white authors because of cultural Marxism. A kid came up to me and ranted that his history class ‘blamed white people too much’ for tragedies in the past and that it made him feel uncomfortable. I know my job is that people can come to me with whatever possible problems they want no matter how controversial, But this is getting fucking out of hand. How do I do this?”      

People were quick to respond, whether it was to praise or criticize the original poster. One user wrote;

“Isn’t this your job? Shouldn’t you have received training on how to counsel people with different ideas than yours?”

This response is spot on. It is her job to counsel these kids, even those who have completely different views. It’s not her job to criticize a child for what they believe, it’s not her job to enforce her own agenda, and it’s definitely not her job to sit around and complain about it on facebook.

People have always said that it’s the right wingers who are wound up too tightly, but it looks like the tables have finally turned. Everybody wants to be a right winger; they are sick of the lies and agendas. I for one, am glad that this rising generation doesn’t feel the need to give in to what the media is trying to force feed them. This generation, will change the world.

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