On March 24th of this year, students will be gearing up to attend the March For Our Lives demonstration with their classmates in various cites. They’ll march around the streets, talk about how bad guns are, and viciously mock anyone who opposes them. Big names like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, and Steven Speilberg gave $500,000 to support the march. Justin Beiber gave his nod of approval and, for some odd reason, Jimmy Fallon said he was going to be there. A permit for Pennsylvania Avenue was obtained to serve as a sort of mega nest for all the oppressed liberals who want to march for gun control but don’t even really know what a gun is.

Watching the mainstream media, we are being lead to believe that most of the students are excited about this march, that somehow walking around screaming will make politicians seriously consider banning guns from the entire country. But a tweet was posted earlier today by a student (whose name will be blacked out in respect of privacy) which stated that all the hype about the March For Our Lives demonstration is greatly overexaggerated.     

“I am a student in a California public school. We are being forced to participate in the #MarchForOurLives walkout by our administrators.”

He then added in a separate tweet, 

“When you see the news reporting on this, believe me, the students were forced to protest. Do not think that this is an actual uprising. It’s not. It’s staged.” 

Taking the student at his word, this is a very serious issue that I highly doubt the mainstream media will address unless it’s to mock the student who said it. (More than likely, the student who revealed this information would not be named, it will all of the sudden be the Alt-Right’s fault.) Teachers and administrators should not be forcing these students to comply, “march against guns or else.” What are they going to do, expel them?Life is already difficult for teens, and they want to literally force them into participating in an event whether they want to or not? This is sick.   

What if the students don’t believe in this idea? What if it goes against their principles? Do the “higher-ups” even care about principles? I highly doubt it, seeing as the celebrities have given loads of money to support this march when schools even in this country struggle to provide proper education for their children. If administrators really are forcing students to comply, then our country needs more help than I thought it did.