A white woman, who wishes not to be identified, was quick to deny Trump as many times as she could in order to spare herself from being robbed at a deli in the Bronx late at night.

As the story goes, a white woman, and yes it is important that we all know that she’s white, was just sitting in the deli eating a sandwich after a long, hard days work. Suddenly, two Hispanic teenagers walked in, saw that there was a white woman sitting there, and immediately started accusing her of being a Trump supporter. They began shouting hysterically and throwing things at the victim, saying,

“You stupid white cunt! You think you can live here in the Bronx, you stupid Trump supporter? You white bitch!”

In other words, they were extremely triggered by the color of her skin. It didn’t matter how many times she told them, “I’m not a Trump supporter”, they continued to use vulgar language and throw store goods at her. They then began to take her keys and wallet, but when she tried to call the police, they took her phone and smashed it before darting off into the night. The two suspects have yet to be caught.

When the media got their hands on the story, they swept the racial tension under the rug and focused mostly on her disavow of President Donald Trump. To them, this was more important. The victim’s roommate commented that;

“She is no fan of the President. How can you live in the Bronx, with all kinds of people, and support Trump?” 

Someone, somewhere in the Bronx probably supports Trump. That’s just the fact of the matter. To say otherwise is ignorant. Trump doesn’t “hate Mexicans” as the liberal media would have you believe, he just doesn’t want illegal immigrants in our country. How is that a bad thing? Also, although this is technically a hate crime, and is being investigated as such by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force, the media isn’t treating it like one. Because she’s white, it’s not as big of a deal to them. They just want to be sure that the victim denounces Trump more times than they can count.

One Reddit user sums it up perfectly;

“Not too long ago, people didn’t care about politics and didn’t even speak about it. Now suddenly everyone is a bastion for pseudo-humanitarianism. I gotta ask, what’s the point of calling someone out for being a Trump supporter, then doing exactly what Trump said you would do, which is be a criminal.”       

He’s right. What’s the point in saying “stereotypes don’t really reflect people” if those people are going to be a reflection of that stereotype? I’d like to know you’re thoughts on this, let’s have a conversation.

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