Feminism is a moment that only exists to serve an agenda, it’s not a moment that exists to serve women. For feminism to be of any use, it would have to leave the western world and locate to more oppressed nations. You having to pay more for your special bottle of shampoo when a man only uses an inexpensive brand is not oppression, oppression is when women are attacked with acid, raped, murdered, and God knows what else for simply being a woman who speaks her mind. The feminists of 1919 had an actual reason to unite and protest; they each wanted the right to vote. The feminists of the 1960’s and 70’s also had an agenda that I’d support; equal rights. because of these women, there is nothing to hold us back from doing whatever God has gifted us to do.

The fight is over now, equality has won. The feminist movement of today is communist in nature, and it’s members only “fight for equal rights” because they truly believe there’s still a struggle to face. Soros, ((the media)), and some content creators that young people look up to online are poisoning their brains and leading them to believe that straight white men are the cause of all their problems. People generally want to do the right thing, and in this age, the blue pilled lie is much easier for young people to accept  rather than the actual truth.

Third wave feminism does nothing but anger the people who don’t agree; they create the very problems that didn’t exist prior. Most of all, feminists hurt themselves and other women. By now, the unneeded movement is a laughing stalk for those smart enough to not give in to their so called “social justice”. If you are, or know a friend who’s a feminist, here are a few helpful ways to get free from the cult and take the red pill once and for all.

1: Take care of your body.

Are you fat? This is a serious question. You don’t have to have a grade A fit body, just don’t look like a fatty fat fatso. Go outside, walk some trails at your local park. Their are even free videos on YouTube that will help you get the day started off right. Watch what you eat. A cheat day or two is reasonable throughout the week, but stay aware of what kinds of things you allow into your body. If you’re young, you’ll be thanking me for this when you get older. Paying attention to what you eat does more than just slim you up; it helps you sleep better, it makes you feel more energized, less bloated, clearer skin, and colds and other illnesses won’t weigh you down as much. This is coming from someone who’s been there. I used to have horrible eating habits, I’d get colds that would last for two weeks and I’d always feel tired and irritable. Now that I exercise more often and eat healthier, my colds don’t even slow me down. Feminists have the reputation for poor eating habits; whether it be too much or not enough. They in turn use the narrative that every size is beautiful. Is cancer beautiful? Heart failure? Diabetes? No. Every size is not beautiful, stop crying and eat a salad. 


2: Stick with the basic hair color you were born with.

This one also comes from experience. A few years back before I knew better, before I took the red pill, I had a former friend dye my hair blue. Yeah… It turned out more greenish than blue. It was super cringy and I got rightly roasted for it. I’d post a picture, but I’m literally too ashamed. Eh, screw it. I need to help you avoid this.  Oh wow, I was soooo edgy. Boooo! I clearly thought nothing through here, this whole picture is stupid. Don’t do this. Ugh, I’m so glad for the red pill. So ladies, don’t let this be you. If you dye your hair a color that is not natural, you will look like a ridiculous 15 year old who deserves to be roasted. A feminist would say, “Oh honey! You do you, it’s so pretty!” But it’s not. It’s like a slap in the face to yourself. You’re hair will get damaged, it costs a fortune to keep up the color, and your bathtub will be stained. You won’t be taken seriously looking like this either. You’ll get a job at fast food and that’s it. Also, dying your armpit hair is a waste of time. Shave it. Please. Nobody’s life changes for the better just because you decide to screw the system and dye your armpit hair.

3: Stop playing the victim.

“People of color are oppressed in this country!” Not true. We all have equal rights here and have for a long time. It’s not really cool to own slaves anymore, not here. Again, if you want to fight for equal rights do it for a country that literally discriminates against their women and minorities. White people are being murdered in South Africa, but nobody cares about that right? Cause they’re white and therefore not as important to you? EQUAL rights. At least understand what it is you stand for. Stop telling everyone how many oppression points you have because you just so happen to be a dark skinned, gay man who identifies as a woman. Stop playing the victim card when things don’t go your way. You didn’t get the job because you’re a woman? No. You didn’t get the job because maybe you lived too far away, you don’t have the the type of experience they’re looking for, maybe they just thought the other candidate would be a better fit. You owe to it yourself to stop crying about it. Stand up, shake it off, and try again. Learn new skills, try new things. If your boss tell’s you something about your work isn’t good enough, try again! Work harder and learn from your mistakes. Don’t blame it on oppression that doesn’t exist. 


4: Stop being Triggered by everything. 

You take everything so seriously, don’t. All this does is make you anxious, irritable, and a horrible person to be around. Joke about things! Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Laugh with other people who roast you, as weird as this may sound, don’t get butt hurt over memes! Make them, spread them to the ends of the internet. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot more light hearted when you aren’t worried about non issues and what people think about you. 


5: Take the time to branch out. Look at what your opposition believes and see if there’s truth to it.

This is how I got red pilled woke fokes. I wasn’t a full on feminist, but I wasn’t a right winger either. I had self esteem issues and I always had someone else to blame for my problems. But I challenged myself one day, I researched what liberals actually believed in and found out that their movements did more harm than good. I never felt empowered by the fact that a bunch of screeching women were on the streets naked fighting for the equality that we already have. The more research I did on right wing movements, and the more interested I became in political and social matters, the more I realized the painful truth. The media had been lying to me. People had been lying to me. Everything I thought was true was nothing but falsehood. At first, the truth made me miserable. I couldn’t spend a day without thinking about my new found knowledge and wondering how I was going to use it. I couldn’t stop thinking about how there was still so much more to learn. But the promise of truth also came with the promise of power. Truth will always win in the end, it has and will always be the beacon of light that destroys the darkness,   even when there are years of struggling and living with those who only think they know the truth. I started to debate with my co workers, people who were once like me; fooled into believing the silliest of lies all in the name of “basic human rights.” When I would convince one of them that these ideas of social justice brings absolutely no justice, I would feel empowered. Of course, the very next day they would come back with the same narrative as before. A feminist that they admired had shoved another blue pill up their throat and once again I would debate with them. But never the less, feminism and social justice has never given me anything in life. Me, being my own individual self, branching out from main stream media and finding the truth, has been what has impacted my life. I use the knowledge I have to inspire, to fill others who have given up hope with passion. To bring back the fire that has always been there, but perhaps have had their torches snuffed out by ((them)). Women, do this; go and explore the things you think are terrible and you might come to find that you’ve been wrong all along. It isn’t a crime to be wrong, the crime lies in the fact that you never found the truth and even if you did, you never admitted to being wrong.

 So if you really want to be powerful, if you really want to change the world, stop holding yourself back by these labels that don’t define you. Stop falling for the Soros agenda and raise yourself up. I say it all the time, the struggle is real. But you can beat that struggle by taking care of yourself, educating yourself, finding a real cause to fight for, not clinging to victim status, and be woman enough to admit you’ve been behind the wrong cause. As cringy and cliche as this may sound, your quest for greatness begins now.

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