Have you ever been that edgy kid who did something not because you wanted to, but because you knew it would anger your parents? Did you ever play really cringy games like Bloody Marry or the Ouija Board? What if you could capture the essence of all that cringe in one video? Look no further than Gab TV’s “New holocaust law in Poland has birthed this propaganda.” This video’s level of cringe is over 9000. 

Let the cringe begin! 

The propaganda piece begins with a Jewish man (all participants claim to be of Jewish descent) saying, “I’m gonna go to jail for what I’m about to do right now.” A more flamboyant man chimes in, “I wonder if they got beer in Polish jail?” A guy is trying to look tough nods away earnestly in the background. “I’m gonna miss them when I’m gone,” a mom speaks up. The cliche phrase is followed by a closeup of two pre-teen boys who don’t want their mom to go to prison. “No Polish jail can scare me today!” An elderly man proclaims. 

Then, they ready themselves to do the unthinkable:


“I’m gonna do it now.”

“3…2…1… Let’s go!”

They all take a deep breath and say, “Polish Holocaust.” 

There is currently a law in Poland that criminalizes people who put any sort of blame on Poland for the holocaust. Jewish activists are calling for a temporary cease in relations between the United States and Poland until the law is done away with. The Polish people say the law is anti-semitic in nature and basically holocaust denial. Meanwhile, Americans are saying the law prohibits free speech and should, therefore, be repealed. But what people decide to do in their country is their business, and quite frankly I don’t blame them for wanting to set the record straight; the holocaust was not Poland’s fault. 

As the participants continue to level up in the cringe department, the people compare this law to the holocaust itself, saying that what happened back then “was enough.” They began their demand to “repeal this disgraceful law now!” 

As Jews, they say, they demand not to be silenced. Not as normal human beings, as Jews. Where is the equality in thinking you’re superior because of your heritage? Many people, even those in favor of free speech, agree that Poland was not a fault and should not be held accountable for events they couldn’t control over 70 years ago.

What are your thoughts on this law? Is it going overboard to jail people for saying “Polish Holocaust?” Are they in the right? As foreigners, should we just mind our own business and let Poland run their country how they see fit? Let’s have a conversation.