Identity Evropa is defined by liberals as the following:

Identity Evropa (IE) is a white supremacist group that is focused on the preservation of “white American identity” and promoting white European culture. They promulgate the idea that America was founded by white people for white people and was not founded to be a multiracial or multicultural society.

In that vein, they have adopted and popularized the new white supremacist slogan “You will not replace us,” which is a substitute for the better-known white supremacist motto, the “14 words.

But if you’d like to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, and not by people who label them as a “racist” organization, I’d encourage you to check out Identity Evropa’s website.

If you’re a supporter of this movement, (or maybe you’re just a snowflake following people you don’t like so you can get triggered) you’ll find that their latest contribution to America first, included a ten foot tall and nearly two-hundred feet wide banner that calls to end immigration. The massive banner was placed at Georgia Tech in Atlanta earlier today. It reads; “America First. End Immigration.” As expected, liberals were extremely offended and hurt by the said banner, taking to Twitter to angrily discuss the situation. One user, Reggie Sears, (who still has his blue verification mark) contributed the following opinions:

You people on this thread are pathetic. Your kind are dying out.

The racism on this thread is beyond sad. Most of u will claim u are Christian yet u seem to have deep-rooted hatred for non-whites. Most of h will expect to make it to heaven too. The Bible said “if you love God, you must also love your brother.” We are all equal in God’s eyes.

That means stop all foreign WHITE people from coming over here. But of course, most of the people on this thread don’t care if immigrant white people come from Europe and Russia. Because they are a part of your “tribe.” Gtfoh. You bigots are a dying breed.

Most of the people commenting on the thread were either supporters of the movement, the act, or in some cases, both. Despite the liberals who claimed otherwise, people were mostly on board. Identity Evropa has never been about being a “racist hate group”. From the beginning, they have opposed other cultures, especially Islam, who pose a threat to the cultures and values held by the Western World. In fact, they have taken steps to separate themselves from the chaotic events which tarnished their name back in Charlottesville during August.

Do you agree with this banner, representing America First? Why do you think that people are more up in arms about this than Antifa and their destruction of both property and human beings? Let’s have a conversation.

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