I’m not sorry for my skin color, for the actions of my ancestors, for my sexuality, for my political beliefs, for my religious beliefs, or for the structural privileges that I, as a white male, may enjoy in the Western world. 

I will never apologize to anybody for being white, nor will I actively work to empower people of color and forfeit my position of socio-cultural empowerment so that minorities can thrive. 

I do not care who was killed by my ancestors, or what wrongs were committed by people like me in the past. I am not them. I am an individual, and can freely choose to identify with whomever I please. 

I am proud of who I am, from my pasty whiteness and Anglo-Welsh ancestry, to my American citizenship and religious upbringing. 

I have a fascination with European history and culture, and believe that Western society should return to a more traditional way of living. I believe that traditional gender roles should be supported and that progressive familial structural roles and understandings of gender/sexuality should be frowned upon. I do not support the separation of Church and State, because it is evident that the absence of a unifying ecclesiastical hierarchy has led countries such as the United States into a state of moral decay. Multiculturalism is the suicide of national identity. There is nothing beautiful about coexistence and societal pluralism other than the disrespect and dilution forced upon respective belief systems. I strongly believe that minorities should stay minorities, and should not be granted equal representation as the majority.

I find mass immigration from Middle Eastern and African countries to be a gateway to socio-political decline, because such regions are culturally detestable. I have a fervent desire to secure the existence of the white race and a future for white children. I believe that multiculturalism is akin to mixing all the paints of a palette, losing the vibrant colors that shown beautifully as independent entities. 

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I believe that one of the most pressing issues in American society today is the cancer of campus liberalism and the massive under-representation of non-leftist professors on college campuses. 

For these strongly held beliefs, I am not sorry. I am white. I am traditional. And I am proud of it. If anything I have written offends you, that is not my problem. 

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