Incels: Society’s Losers Fueled by an Increasingly Anti-Male Globalist Culture


“Involuntarily Celibate” or “incels” have been creating a very dark movement, largely beneath our eyes.  A community of young men who have been largely relegated to their parents’ basements, jobless or working dead end jobs, and, most notably, lack an intimate relationship.  While they’ve gone relatively unnoticed, a vicious and evil act was committed by one of their members, back on April 23rd.

Alek Minassian, 25, is alleged to have used a van to run down and murder 10 people, while also injuring 16 others.  What tipped the world off to the underworld he was a part of was due to this message he posted, a short while before the attack:

Alek Minassian's Facebook post calling for an 'incel rebellion'

The tragedy of the murderous van rampage cannot be overstated, but digging deeper into the “incel” community is where I’d like to focus the attention.  The ideology seated at the base of this movement is predicated on the vast spectrum of differing genetics, from one male to another, and even one female to another.

Chads and Stacys

The “Chads” and “Stacys” they commonly refer to, and are actually used in the post above, is the moniker they attach to the sort of avatar they’ve created to represent the “perfect” male and female specimen.  Their hatred is first and foremost aimed directly at these winners of the genetic lottery, which has apparently set them up to succeed where the “incels” fail.  That is just about everywhere in life, according to these troubled young men.

An Ex-Incel is Cheered by Feminists, Leftists

However, looking at the crux of their argument, digging deep into what leads these individuals to identify with this group is what is somewhat remarkable.  Especially when you look at how the Left view these self-identified “losers” of society.  One “ex-incel,” featured in a BBC News article, details his thoughts leading up to his departure from the community, as well as the first members of society who rallied to congratulate him:

“Just being productive and busy, and just going downtown, and meeting a bunch of different people.  Talking to NBC, BBC, and the SUN has made me realize that my regular daily life is very boring and monotonous.  And it kind of made me realize that I can’t really go back to sitting on a forum all day, talking about how miserable I am, and making podcasts about it.  Even if you’re just some random guy who lives with his mom, and makes videos about how you’re a loser (which is precisely what this guy was doing), you can still have some small impact on the world… I was getting positive comments from random feminists and leftists.”  

How conveniently twisted and hilarious, both at the same time.  You see, each of these young men have a very similar story.  They are either too scrawny or obese, lacking in the good looks department, and had some bad experiences with women.  It’s understandable that each of them would feel depressed about their lot in life, no judgments there.  However, how do you get from that to full-on militant hatred and murderous rage toward women?  Well, I’ll tell you.

Turning Angry Boys into Murderous Men

The globalist feminist and leftist movements, both of which had members who rushed to this young man’s aid after he conveniently left his dark hole of an existence, can be linked by their clear anti-male agenda.  We are living in a society where the word “man” is treated like an offensive slur, with attempts popping up all over the country trying to erase the word from our language.  A man cannot simply teach a woman something, without being chastised for “man-splaining.”  Men can’t open doors for women anymore, because it is patronizing.  The Left have even chipped away at the ability for a woman to give consent for sexual activity, so much so, that there are some lunatic-fringe feminists claiming any male-on-female intercourse is rape.

Men are seen as having all of the advantages in life, prompting the government and popular culture to focus an enormously disproportionate amount of energy, rhetoric, and resources toward the advancement of women, leaving many under-performing and disenfranchised men to fight an uphill battle alone.  Today’s globalist culture drives equality down young men’s throats, threatens them that they’re furthering “rape culture,” and celebrates the accomplishments of women, while tearing down the traditional image of what makes a man, arguing that manliness or masculinity is the root of all that ails society.

And they wonder why the worst of the losers, the most inept of the weirdos, and the angriest of the rejected have sought out and carved their own dark little crevice out, away from society, where they can wallow in their collective self-pity and lust for revenge?  But, no, the leftists and feminists can’t be blamed!  After all, a couple of “random feminists and leftists” said some “positive” things to one of the defectors from the sad sacks that call themselves “incels.”  Way to virtue signal, instead of looking inward and seeking to change your own behavior that may be leading these troubled young men to these dark places.  Great job, feminists.  Bravo, leftists.

Where we go From Here

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the challenges some women unfortunately face, in certain biased and discriminatory situations.  I also believe that men should be treating women with respect, in the dating and relationship world, which goes a long way in mitigating that likelihood of sexual assault or misconduct.  This is in no way advocacy or legitimization of the “incel” movement.  Rather, it is an open challenge to all of those who aren’t delusional leftist extremists to examine the direction we’ve gone and how much our culture has turned against men.  It is an open challenge to men to ignore the lunacy of the feminists and treat women with respect, always aiming to support, protect, and take care of the women in our lives.  Start seeing the world as conservatives do, as billions of individuals, who each deserve equal protection of their individual rights.  No handouts or government-mandated advantages for anyone.  We do these things, and the “incel” community will wither away and die off.

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