Ireland: Last Stand of Western Christendom


 “I was carried into a cabin, and lay there for eight days, when I had the [baby] born dead. I lay for three weeks after that. The whole of my family got the fever, and one boy thirteen years old, died with want and with hunger while we were lying sick.” Those are the words of Bridget O’Donnel as told to a journalist over 150 years ago during the Irish Famine.

Ireland, like all of the Western world, has endured great hardship. They have struggled as individuals and as people through unbelievable pain, often watching their own beloved children slip through their fingers into death which makes this weekend’s vote in Ireland, to potentially legalize abortion, all the more shocking.


In every Western European country and those settled by Western Europeans like Canada, America and Australia; abortion has been legal for up to three generations.

America currently loses 20% of its children to abortion. As the descendants of the founding stock of America continue to not have children, third world immigrants from Latin America are happy to pick up the slack. 

The future belongs to those who show up, and the horror of abortion along with a steady decline in Christian family values, is ending the Western world.

In countries like Sweden and Germany, the birth rate has declined so rapidly in recent decades that their now aging population is quickly being replaced by migrants from Muslim countries and their large, non-abortion-having families.

Ethnically European children born in America today are already a minority among their peers and large European cities like London are no longer majority British. The populations of Western people all over the world are being replaced.

Ireland was a country still managing to hold onto some of its Christian values, by the skin of its teeth, in the face of this rapid change.

Keeping abortion illegal because Catholic teaching and culture are unapologetically part of their legal system, gave them hope as a nation as well as hope for all Western people that we had a strong, Christian country to look toward as a role model.

That strong Catholic culture has been slipping for decades but this vote may end it all.

Many are flabbergasted that after a history of fiercely protecting their civilization, that the Irish would suddenly consider voluntarily killing their own children.

I spoke with Deacon Nick Donnelly, journalist and blogger over at He gave me some insight into the history of how this vote even came to be. 

The advance of the culture of death in Ireland has been engineered by the ruling elite, the media and the left-wing dominated educational institutes. Destroying Ireland’s 8th amendment protecting babies and mothers from abortion has been the target of the EU and UN abortion ideologues for decades. They have invested money, political influence and institutional commitment to force abortion onto the political agenda of Ireland.

Enda Kenny’s relaxation of the total ban on abortion in 2013 and the legalisation of homosexual faux-marriage in 2015 were all advances in progressing this culture of death agenda. These attacks on the family and Christianity have entrenched a fashionable culture of rebellion against the laws of God in Ireland.”

This culture of death has become so strong that, according to reports on Twitter, some of those people in Ireland who are pro-life are afraid to speak out.

Americans and other Europeans know this fear well as terrorist organization such as ANTIFA target innocent, repeatedly, even driving a man to commit suicide following a mass bullying campaign. 

Deacon Donnelly sees that for Ireland, as it was for the rest of the West, it was the church who first fell, taking her people with it. 

This rebellion against the Catholic Faith has coincided with the collapse of the Church in Ireland, a collapse in moral authority and living faith. The Church of Frank Duff, Little Nellie and  Father Patrick Peyton has gone. Since Vatican II the Faith has been replaced by a concern for political correctness, rather than the commandments of God. To withstand these attacks of the devil, bishops, priests and people really have to seek holiness above all else.

Instead, Irish Catholics, like Catholics throughout the West, have abandoned holiness for hedonism. A Church built on hedonism and compromise with the world is always going to collapse like a house built on sand.”

Deacon Donnelly isn’t the only one speaking out. Other Catholic leaders have taken to Twitter over the moral issue of abortion and do not mince words about their views.

The words Fr. Brendon is using here may be startling to some, but that’s the point. The feisty Irish spirit, their religion and their values are unique to them, the Irish. Why throw that away to the demographic suicide that accompanies abortion?

Deacon Nick concludes; “If the 8th amendment is repealed the culture of death tsunami wrecking Ireland will move onto killing the sick and elderly through the legalization of euthanasia. Ireland will become so entrenched in killing that the legalization of abortion is unlikely to be repealed. The faithful of Ireland are going to have to dig down deep into faith, hope, and charity because they are on the front line of the battle with evil..”