The Eurovision Song Contest is in full swing, but this year, we may have seen one of the worst contestants yet (though she has been heavily promoted thus far.) For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the annual contest, here’s a brief overview:

This year in May, 43 countries will each send one musical act to Lisbon, Portugal, where the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest will take place.
Each participating broadcaster that represents their country has chosen their performer (maximum six people) and song (maximum three minutes, not released before 1 September 2017) through a nationally televised selection, or through an internal selection. Each country is free to decide if they send their number-one star or the best new talent they could find. They have to do so before mid-March, the official deadline to send in entries. 
The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen through two Semi-Finals (8 and 10 May) and a Grand Final (12 May).
One of the contestants participating in one of the semi-finals is Netta- the representative for Israel. Here’s where we get the “this is the worst entry in history” bit I was talking about earlier. Her song entry is titled “TOY” and is basically about the cliche angle that no man can control a woman. Okay. I get it. This song has been sung six million times. 
TOY starts out with an overweight, feminist, SJW type uttering a bunch of jibberish while wearing extremely flamboyant clothing. Then she starts clucking like a chicken for some odd reason before the camera shows another woman. She’s also overweight and sporting bright pink hair. Or maybe that’s the same woman; I don’t even know at this point. Then, unfortunately, the song begins. 
“Look at me I’m a beautiful creature. I don’t care about your modern time preacher.”
What does this even mean? No one knows. It’s just a word that rhymes so she used it. The rest of the song and dance is filled with weird stuff like this:
And this:
If you can get through the entirety of the video, all you’ll be thinking is “Oh my God… This came from Israel?” Yes, it did. I have to say it, because I’m not entirely sure if this person is a boy or girl. Oddly enough, people seemed to enjoy it. Here are a few of the top comments I found on the horrible video:
“This iconic queen needs to be handed the trophy immediately, everyone else can leave now, that will be all.”
“Holy moly dis iz awesome. Bucka baoum bucka bok bok!!!!” (imitating the chicken sounds in the song)
“Netta, you truly inspire me. I’ve always wondered how do people actually control this looper and what can it even do to make a song sound good, and BOOM, you came and showed me what true art is. Israel supports you.”
Evidently, the song is also trending in Sweden. How this contestant got this far in the competition, I’ll never know. Is this really the best Israel has to offer? If the answer is yes, it’s probably in their best interest that they never compete in the Eurovision Song Contest ever again.