Last night, and continuing on into today, distraught liberals are meeting together in the designated locations of New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. to scream helplessly at the sky. Their plight? Why, it was none other than he who shall not be named (but I’ll name him anyway) Donald Trump. Today marks his one year anniversary as President of the United States.

Though the “thousands” of protesters that were supposedly planning to show up didn’t hold their end of the bargain, (either it was past their bedtime or it was too early to be awake) several of them did, busting the ear drums of any Trump supporter brave enough to be seen on the streets during all of this.

People are tweeting and streaming the idiocy which are the liberals, SJW’s, and Antifa.“Who’s going to end this fascist nightmare? We’re going to end this fascism nightmare,” protesters cheered with little passion in their damaged voices. Luckily, there were some brave Trump supporters out there, and a handful of them gathered to counter protest the stupidity. Simply chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” they made their point clear.

The screaming events started as a joke on Facebook and other forums, for Anti-Fascists to let out a primal cry. The event was titled on Facebook: “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election.” Maybe they thought, if they screamed loud enough, their cries would be heard and Hillary Clinton would just immediately be elected into office and Trump would just disappear for good.

“We are screaming in rage, we are screaming in pain, but we are screaming in unity and solidarity ’cause we have a plan and a way forward,” Eva Sahana, a Refuse Fascism/Antifa organizer, told What they don’t seem to realize, is that no one in life ever got what they wanted by “screaming helplessly into they sky”. No. They worked hard, there were struggles that had to be faced. Eventually, with time and perseverance, they lifted themselves up. With the lack of enthusiasm these people have, they’ll achieve nothing more than making the other side angry. The right. It will be the right who will rise up and make America great again.