Do you know the way? According to a growing number of Italians, Luca Traini not only knows the way, but he should also be a shining example for others in the country to follow.

For those who are not quite up to date on the latest Italian news, Luca Traini is the man who shot six African Migrants after one of them abducted a young girl by the name of Pamela, killed her in ritual fashion, and is believed to have eaten several parts of her body. Americans are calling it a “Punishers moment,” referencing, of course, the fictional character who sought the ultimate revenge for the death of his family. Italians are calling it the dawn of a new day; Traini acting upon his anger is what all Italians should seek to do. They’re saying it’s finally time they stopped whining about the African migrant crisis and start taking care of the problem themselves.

These days, Italians in support of Luca Traini are taking to the streets with pride. They’re spreading the word to any passersby willing to hear them out. They’re creating signs and banners and holding rallies. They’re writing “Traini Docet” on the walls, which means teaches, shows, or demonstrates. Even Pamela’s mother said in an article that she thanks Traini for lighting a candle in honor of her daughter, stating that she did not care about what he did or what sort of political views he held. Through it all, Luca’s lawyer becomes increasingly disturbed due to the growing number of supporters.

People are supporting Traini and calling him “the savior of Italy” because he took a bold stance against African Migrants. Despite forced diversity agendas, Italians mostly want to have a land to call their own. No Germans, no French, no Americans, no Africans, just Italians. Simone Di Stefano, a candidate for prime minister in the upcoming elections, claims that “problems come from too many immigrants being present… and there is a feeling that immigrants are preferred by the state over Italians”. 

Is supporting Taini just a phase? A meme or a controversial conversation starter about the African Migration crisis? Or is this, perhaps, really the dawn of a new day. This type of civil unrest has almost always lead to some sort of struggle, is this the beginning of an Italian revolution?