“It’s Ok to Be German” Signs Popping Up Everywhere Around Germany


In the same spirit as the “It’s Okay To Be White” posters initiated by the notorious imageboard 4chan, posters with the German inscription, “It’s Okay To Be German,” have been popping up in Germany. 

Whereas the former initiative has been proven to be linked to the notorious /pol/ community on 4chan, the latter has not been discussed anywhere on the forum, making it difficult to determine whether the two instances of propaganda share a common origin. 


Regardless of how the two movements originated, their message is shared: there is a portion of white individuals who feels as if merely existing with their skin color is considered not okay by mainstream societal standards. These posters do not personify any particular extremist ideology. Stating that it is okay to be of one particular race or nationality is not a negative statement to any identity, and it should not offend those who are not white, or German. 

According to a popular 4chan post, the purpose of the initial flier campaign, was (or rather, is) to gauge reactions towards the statement to prove a point. Not too long ago, a survey was taken that showed that a majority of white Americans feel discriminated against. Although much of the media scoffed in the face of this claim, the overall reaction to the assertion, “It’s okay to be white,” goes to show that such feelings of being discriminated against may not be entirely unfounded. 

However, the message is clearly reverberating around the globe, with Germany taking part in the message. Certainly, it is okay to be German. Judging by the Kekistani flag in one of the above photos, the movement is likely being perpetuated by center-right conservative trolls.

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