I have come to find that political commentary on the internet can be both more informative and entertaining. Roaming Millennial, though we don’t agree on everything, is no exception. She tends to take the calmer approach on topics that usually enrage us, and with the threat of a “civil war” looming over the heads of us and ((them)), we need a good break from time to time. To her credit, she’s also very clever when it comes to one on one debates. The video has since been removed, but does anyone remember Civic Nationalism vs the Alt-Right? Instead of feeling outraged, I came away feeling that each side had valid points and that at the end of the day, we both want a lot of the same things. The left will claim that members of the Alt-Right or Alt-Lite are violent and unreasonable, but I have yet to see any of them act in a disrespectful manner towards those they disagree with. 

In fact, it’s the left who often makes having a civil conversation impossible. Recently, Roaming Millennial has been labeled as a hate enabler by an SJW blog site titled Right Wing Watch. Right Wing Watch, is a project of People For The American Way. A site that is actually funded by the infamous George Soros                               Roaming explained in her most recent video that she along with other people she respects, are being labeled as white supremacists and hate enablers. In the article she mentioned, titled “White Supremacy Figured Out How To Become YouTube Famous”, Jared Holt writes a short bit on how he thinks this YouTuber enables hate.

“Roaming Millennial (RM) is an anonymous Canadian video blogger who uses her incredibly popular YouTube channel to convey far-right talking points that straddle the line of extremism. RM’s videos have been dedicated to botched debunks of racial oppression and gender inequality, labeling social justice “cancer,” and decrying non-traditional gender identity. Although RM does not identify as alt-right, she has welcomed right-wing extremists like Tara McCarthy to appear on her channel.”

Once again, the SJW initiates the fight. They have this odd set of rules which doesn’t allow friendly or even civil discussion among people you disagree with. My personal theory, is they’d rather have all sides of the right at each others throats, making the united left a more powerful (but ugly) force. 

Back to the article in question, the poorly written and researched piece first applies that everyone Jared mentions are white supremacists. Once we start diving deeper however, he refers to them as right wing extremists, or just extremists. He then goes on to make the claim that people like Roaming Millennial are enabling hatred for simply collaborating with Alt Right members. If he had actually watched more of her videos, he would quickly see that she doesn’t fall in with identity politics. Evidently, it’s not enough for her to simply disavow, she has to become a closed minded angry feminist who refuses to hear reasonable arguments for other ideas. 

Jared, for someone who studied journalism, you’re doing a terrible job. See the world before you report on it, if you’re able. Your head might be so far shoved up your butt that proper reporting might be an impossible task. Good day.