Jewish Author Publishes Children’s Book About Black Homosexual Santa Claus


Queerty recently released an article covering a rather  controversial topic. Daniel Kibblesmith, known as a writer for Stephen Colbert’s Late Night Show, recently published a book titled, “Santa’s Husband.” In this literary masterpiece, Kibblesmith explores the life of “Kris Kringle, a black Santa who lives happily with his white husband in the North Pole.”

The book was published on October 14, 2017, and has since reached the Top 20 in humor titles on Amazon. 

“One book is not going to make Santa Claus be black on billboards, or kiss a man in commercials,” stated Kibblesmith after receiving backlash from conservatives. However, the flat-out rejection of the slippery slope theory as it pertains to gender and sexuality has proven to be entirely untrue in the long run. 

Breakpoint journalist Gregory Shane Morris has eloquently described the issue of dismissing concerns about slippery slopes in a recent Facebook status: 

Kibblesmith’s “it’s just one book” mentality is not a legitimate defense of his appropriation of Santa Claus. More often than not, leftists are en masse accusing white people of “cultural appropriation;” yet, when the very same is done by non-white persons, the progressives are silent. The hypocrisy is astounding. 

To portray Santa Claus, who has traditionally been portrayed as a heterosexual, white Western individual – typically of either British or Dutch descent – as a black homosexual of African descent is a direct slap in the face of white American identity. 

If this narrative isn’t enough to incriminate Kibblesmith of perpetuating some wonky leftist ideology, he has opted to (in the midst of all this backlash) retweet an image of what appears to be a stone Soviet man beneath the Communist hammer and sickle. 

Kibblesmith retweeted the following image (archived): 

Kibblesmith’s promulgation of what appears to be neo-Communist propaganda is oddly timed with the release of his questionable leftist children’s novel. Could all of this simply be an attempt at a publicity stunt? It’s possible, as various alt-right sources have allegedly begun to stimulate drama around the person and message of Kibblesmith.

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