Fertility Doctor and Former President of Planned Parenthood Gets Probation for Inseminating Women with His Sperm During Routine Exams

Dr. Norman Barwin, A former Ottawa fertility Doctor faces a potential class-action lawsuit for allegedly inseminating women with his own sperm at least 11 times. The lawsuit claims this was without knowledge or Consent of the women who came to him for insemination treatments.
The claim, which was initially filed in 2016 had originally stated he had inseminated 2 women, but many more complaints have come forward according to yesterday’s media release from the lawfirm.
In addition to the 11 women who had been unknowingly inseminated with Dr. Barwin’s sperm, the release also states “Since we issued the Statement of Claim in November 2016, we have been in contact with over 150 individuals who have been adversely affected by Dr. Barwin’s fertility practice going back as far as 1978.”
According to this recent press release, this includes “16 individuals who were to be conceived using their father’s sperm and who are not a biological match to their father. In these cases, the biological father is unknown,” and “35 individuals who were to be conceived using anonymous donor sperm and may not be a biological match with intended donor.”
According to the press release, they have also learned that some of the individuals who stored sperm with Dr. Barwin unknowingly had their sperm transferred to other fertility clinics, and had been contaminated with other unidentified sperm.
Rebecca Dixon is one of these said children unknowingly conceived with Dr. Barwin’s DNA. In an article back in 2016, she took a blood test due to the fact she had brown eyes even though her parents both had blue eyes.
The test showed Rebecca had type 0+ blood and her father had type AB proving it was impossible they were father and daughter.
Dixon also said an online DNA test showed her bloodline was almost 60% Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, in which Barwin, according to CBC, is a ‘well-known member of the city’s Jewish Community.’
This isn’t the first lawsuit that has been filed against Barwin.
In an article from CBC in 2010, In 2004 and 2006, two separate $1-million lawsuits who claimed DNA test proved their donors were not the father.
In 2013, after Norman Barwin admitted to inseminating 4 women with the wrong sperm, he  was banned from practicing medicine for 2 months by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and in 2012 volunteered to stop the “practice of artificial insemination”
In addition to being accused of inseminating innocent unsuspecting women with his sperm, Barwin has also been an outspoken advocate for abortion rights, and a former president of Planned Parenthood, according to thestar.com. He was also caught cheating in Ottawa’s National Capital Marathon and the Boston Marathon. What a guy.