The Alt-Right Free Speech Rally June 25th, 2017.

Free Speech

Free SpeechToday’s Free Speech Rally in our nation’s capital, hosted by Dicky Spencer(don’t forget he is a friend of the Bush Dynasty) and featuring many prominent voices and figures of the “Alt-Right” like Baked Alaska, Jack Posobiec of Rebel Media, Jason Kessler, Mike Enoch, and James Allsup. This rally is open to everyone in the interest of free speech.

Watching the live stream is a little underwhelming, the crowd is smaller than you might expect, but it does seem that the numbers are growing as the day goes on. This is a mixture of people showing up for the cause and against it. The live stream focused on the crowd, but it is possible to hear the faint cries of liberals in the background. Police earlier in the event had separated the groups to calm things down before they got out of hand. Antifa/liberals aren’t on camera, but you can hear some rabble rousing in the background. All things considered, it seems to be pretty toothless so far, someone commenting on the live stream noted:

“MrSul3: Seriously, does he believe this is ”radical”, this is middle of the road, mild, speech, nothing radical being spoken here.”

This comment pretty much sums up the event. It was tame and respectable, there wasn’t any violence. This seems to be because the police did a good job of separating certain groups. We will see many more of these rallies, some will be more active and fiery than others, and this is more likely to happen as time goes on, especially if Antifa Communists try to stir the pot or shut down people’s right to free speech and assembly.

Although, the police seemed to be prepared blocking off the Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave with dump trucks filled with sand to prevent trucks of peace or other attacks. This photo is courtesy of our own Allistair Williamson who was at the rally and counter protest today. 

What is more surprising, or maybe not, are some of the comments on the livestream and video of the rally.

The comments seem to be something that the mainstream would think they would hear at this type of rally, here are a few quotes, please be advised if you are sensitive to bad and racist language don’t read:

MCNO: “jews want us to fight islam and in the same time want to flood our countries with black and arabs , they are the REAL enemy !”

Bad Hombre: “muslims are easy target to talk about, the jews terrifies whiteys”

Allen Tweedy:”They will seek violence. So they will get it in the form of wrath. Babylon will fall again.”


Bangjo Unchained “All colleges have subverted by Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism as a Jewish commie agenda of marching through the institutions to be used as indoctrination centers”

The comments from the speakers never get more heated than “filthy Communist scum”, which isn’t very heated at all, but a very matter of fact statement. It is intriguing that the more radical opinions are online, you would think that these people would be the ones at the rally, but maybe some of them are there today. Of course, it is a lot easier to speak your mind when you don’t have to show your face on camera.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this movement. Will it flounder and stagnate under the leadership of charlatans who seem to thrive on attention, or will people start to stand up for themselves without the agenda and organization of a “leader?”

As this Summer rages on, when push comes to shove, it will probably be the latter, and it won’t be pretty.