The influx of Social Justice Warrior pandering entertainment just keeps on coming. Hot off the heels of the recent announcement of a Black Lives Matter TV show. Along with no less than three pro illegal immigrant centered programs, we now have a new self-described “Nazi Hunting” series coming our way. The show, to be produced by rising Hollywood star Jordan Peele will be set in the 1970’s United States. Inspired by allegedly true events it will feature a diverse band of self-proclaimed Nazi Hunters as they travel the country on a quest for revenge.

The Shows Creator, Dressed As A Nazi Himself For Another Program

Mr. Peele claims the show will help bring to light the story of these hero’s. Who while traveling for over a decade tracked down and killed hundreds of Germans who had with the help of the U.S. Government escaped post war Germany and resettled down peacefully into American society. 

While the program is in early stages still with no network yet attached. Given the current seeming eagerness of networks to pick up anything they believe might appeal to a Liberal audience it’s likely the show will be on air sometime next year. After all if a show about Black Lives Matter can get picked up or even the more ridiculous Black America, featuring a fictional fantasy all Black American nation. Then there is no reason to believe “The Hunt” as the show is planned to be called won’t go to air. In fact this project is just the first planned show in an overall TV development deal its creator Jordan Peele signed with Sonar entertainment earlier this year.

Sources have even claimed Jordan had been sitting on the show for some time, but only started seriously shopping the project around following the now infamous Charlottesville rally and proceeding political fallout. It would appear that Mr. Peele has no moral issue trying to cash in on these highly politically charged and tension filled times. This political profiteering tactic appears to have worked however with sources claiming “the project is already drawing interest from several potential bidders.”

In a time where popular media figures are expressing their continued approval of punching anyone they don’t agree with. Is a show that will push the message it’s OK to kill them too really be helpful in terms of helping the nation heal? We need programs that bring us together, not ones pandering to modern militant thugs, or even dredging up the darkest moments of the past like “The Hunt” surely will. Hollywood once provided inspiring uplifting messages that helped unify us as a culture and nation. Now it seems more interested in doing so only for a much more specific target audience, even if that means encouraging more real world violence. 

There is a real danger in a show like this; one which will suggest very clearly that any “Nazis” deserve nothing short of death, being released in these times. Given that we increasingly live in a world where anyone not openly advocating Regressive Left ideals is often being labeled a Nazi. Celebrities too are not immune from this madness, with everyone from William Shatner to Taylor Swift herself having the label tossed on them.

Even usual Liberal darling and host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah, was recently called a Nazi and had death threats made against him when he dared make a joke at Antifa’s expense. Democratic leaders encourage this as well, when they do things like compare Government immigration officers going after illegals to Gestapo officers looking for Jews. So before you dismiss this show as harmless entertainment, targeting only a group who possibly deserved such extreme punishment. Remember that these days anyone not marching with the likes of Antifa is likely to be at least someone’s idea of a Nazi.


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