5 months ago, a since deleted account on the movie section of popular website Reddit, made what at the time was a largely dismissed post about the sexual predator nature of Hollywood star Kevin Spacey.

The user laid out a number of accusations against Mr. Spacey, but the main idea was that he liked to use his powerful position as a major celebrity to manipulate normally straight men into engaging in sexual acts with him. Furthermore, the user directly suggested that Spacey also regularly targeted the male staff on the production side of his films and shows. Even going so far as to file a false police report against a man who didn’t take too kindly to this style of sexual harassment and fought back against it. This post even inspired one other user to come forward, confirming he too had heard a similar story regarding the actor’s behavior on set. 

The few others who even bothered to respond to the post back when it was originally made, were far more skeptical however. 

The question now remains if all these other victims of Mr. Spacey will attempt to come forward following the accusations made today by fellow Hollywood actor Anthony Rapp. Given that the media is going oddly light on Mr. Spacey. Largely ignoring the sexual assault allegations in favor of focusing on a positive reaction to his obviously deflective recent announcement that he is gay. I wonder if sadly the many other seeming victims of this Hollywood actor will opt to remain silent after all.

Morally bankrupt media, more focused on actors orientation than accusations of sexual abuse

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