Star Wars: The Last Jedi began screening in theaters around the country late last night, and already millions of Americans have seen this latest chapter in the popular film series. What’s been interesting to watch in the hours since its release, is that the general public seems to be finding this the most divisive Star Wars film yet. While almost universally lauded by professional pop culture and film critics alike. The Last Jedi is seemingly not doing quite as well with the average American moviegoer. A fact many Progressive types somehow seem to be actively celebrating as proof of their own moral superiority. 

Case in point this article written for Wired magazine entitled, “The Last Jedi Will Bother Some People. Good.” In which writer Angela Watercutter not so subtly informs us all that “The movie isn’t here to Make the Galaxy Great Again.” We are are told that those who don’t like “diversity” should not see the film. Of course as is now standard practice for today’s modern liberals, by diversity they don’t mean a variety of thought but rather simply superficial differences in skin color. None of this is too surprising however when you consider the original title of the now modified story was actually, “The Last Jedi Will Be To Inclusive for Some People. Good.” 

Angela was seemingly right about one thing though. For some reason, many regular people just aren’t connecting with this new film the same way professional critics seem to be. Case in point the critic versus audience score on both Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic

It would seem that the average moviegoer doesn’t appreciate an obviously politicized half hours worth of pointless subplot. Which is frustratingly what the film provides, as almost the entirety of the genuinely forced “Progressive” parts of the movie take place in an oddly out of place subplot, that ultimately feels like it lacks any real purpose beyond simply pleasing SJW types

A quick look at r/StarWars over on Reddit will give you an idea of just how negative a reaction the film is getting from many of its most die hard fans. With reviews entitled things like “I’m Crushed” and “Worst Star Wars Ever” being voted to the top of the community. To put things in perspective, some users over on 4chan’s film board are starting to suggest that even the much maligned prequels have more merit to them than these new films.

Now to be fair to Disney and its new creation. Despite what some SJW types might over excitedly try to claim, the entire film is certainly not just one giant Anti-Trump political allegory. But this is exactly why the examples of shoehorned feminism, forced diversity, and Liberal politics that are present become all the more jarring. As they don’t fit naturally into an otherwise enjoyable film, and turn what should have been just a fun night out at the movies for Americans of all types. Into yet another breeding ground for more political based online arguing and smug Liberal virtue signaling. 

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