Laura Loomer Saves The Day? A Liberal Stays Verified After Tweets About Killing Trump


Laura Loomer. You either really love her, or you really can’t stand her. After her deflated tire incident, people from both the left and right side of the political spectrum rushed to criticize Loomer. To them, her rants seemed to reflect more of the SJW attitude. 

To those who do appreciate Loomer’s right winged activism, you may have noticed that some of her more recent tweets have been pointing out the inconsistencies of Twitter’s de verification process (also known as the Twitter purge). In a string of Tweets, Laura encourages her supporters to contact the secret service and report Crissy Milazzo (a writer for Teen Vogue) for her Tweet on killing Trump. 

Some of you may be reading this, and thinking, “Oh great. Crazy Laura Loomer strikes again.” But in this instance, she may actually be on the right track.  

Recently, Twitter has been taking away the verified check marks of accounts deemed too “hateful” to be tolerated. People like Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, and even Loomer herself have been effected. Oddly enough, as she points out, accounts that take a more liberal stance remain up and verified. 

This is the account she mentioned, and she’s right in saying that if anything should be considered hate speech, it’s stuff like this. Whether Crissy was joking or not, how is this considered okay when “it’s okay to be white” is hate speech?  

Laura Tweeted the screen shot and issued out a challenge:

I just got off the phone with a agent who told me they will be investigating ’s tweet about killing . I told them they should also investigate for allowing verified threats like this on . They said they will contact him. In case you all would like to contact the Secret Service, here is the number.

In case you really are wondering, that number is 203-865-2449

Later, she gave a series of follow up Tweets. 

The agent was really nice and told me they will investigate as well as since under twitter’s new verification rules, verification is a sign of twitter’s endorsement. The secret service agent agreed with me that twitter is an echo chamber for violent liberals.

Verified locked her account right after I reported her to and for making a death threat against Silly girl doesn’t know that screenshots are forever. This won’t end well for her. Just ask

While these Tweets may sound a little over the top to some, it can’t be denied that she proved a very valid point. Liberals are staying verified, while conservatives and right wingers are being given the boot.   

Are you a fan of Laura Loomer? Do you agree with what she did, or was this whole thing over exaggerated? Let’s have a conversation.     

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