Kevin Spacey is a beloved a beloved American actor and film producer, and his Netflix-exclusive series House of Cards has received generally positive reviews from critics. As a friend of Bill Clinton’s and an avid Democrat, Spacey is known for a few lighthearted political remarks. In essentially every meaning of the word, Spacey has been portrayed by the media as a gentleman, despising knife crime in Britain and opting to acquire British citizenship

However, on October 13, 2017, award-winning journalist and former reporter at WCVB-TV Heather Unruh felt “empowered” by the recent Weinstein scandal and came forth with sexual assault allegations against the prominent American actor. 

See the tweet:

Spacey has received numerous accusations of assaulting young men. These allegations, however, have gone widely unnoticed (but you can read about them here, here, here, and here [seriously, it’s a problem!]). Although the blame for Spacey’s actions lie on his shoulders alone, his rather traumatic childhood could be a contributing factor, as abused children are more likely to be come abusers themselves. 

Brothers “Kevin Spacey” (left) and Randy (right) Fowler at Randy’s wedding (Nov. 10, 1979).

Spacey’s older brother, Randy Fowler, claims that their father Geoffrey Fowler was a member of the American Nazi Party and that although Kevin was unharmed by their father, Randy was raped and whipped on a regular basis. This may have led to deeply-rooted psychological trauma for Kevin, who Randy claims “has never had a real relationship with anyone other than my mother.”

In a flurry of photos gathered from, a decentralized social media network, Spacey can be seen in a rather compromising position, as he appears to be removing the pants off of an unconscious person with the help of others. Alcohol is present in the images, and Spacey is red-faced and perhaps a bit tipsy. 

See the images: 

The above images in and of themselves are not enough evidence to convict Spacey of a crime, but they certainly show a rather lewd side to the public figure, whose sexuality has been questioned for decades. 

The future of this narrative relies on what claims and evidence that the respectable reporter Heather Unruh can gather. This story is still developing, though like most sexual predators in Hollywood, this will likely be swept under the carpet as false allegations. But there is something about the above images that is difficult to shake off as innocent. Perhaps the future will provide more answers.

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