Turkey had promised the EU that they’d take their refugees back to their homeland, but instead, they sent 500 plus people a day to migrate to Greece. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras seemed pleased with Turkey’s failure to deliver on their promises, as he’s done absolutely nothing to stop these people from flooding in. The Greek people, however, are a totally different story. As Tsipras arrived on the island of Lesbos to speak at a conference, he was met with thousands of protesters demanding a stop to the open door policy. Demanding their right to safety on their own land.   

According to the Mayor of Lesbos, Spyros Galinos, people are exhausted and ready for a long overdue change in policy. He noted that women are afraid to leave their homes at night and that children are constantly being kept locked indoors. The reason behind this is the fact that Migrants are completely trashing refugee camps and assaulting native villagers. It’s gotten to the point where people sleep with one eye open as they’ve seen how much worse things have gotten in countries who also allow open door policies. Regarding the protests, the Mayor of Lesbos stated that,  

“The rhythm of our lives has been shattered by refugees and migrants who now number a third of our population…fear prevails. Women are afraid to leave their homes at night, children are kept locked up indoors because parents are afraid to let them go out and play. No community would put up with this.”

Taking to the streets by the thousands, protestors marched, demanded justice, and tried to tip over police buses that blocked the people from entering the General Secretariat for the Aegean and Island Policy, where Tsipras was giving his conference speech. Police officers used tear gas to disperse the angry crowd. Confrontations with law enforcement lasted for more than an hour but no one was seriously injured. Store owners had also joined in and closed down their shops as a sign of protest against government policies. 

There’s a big difference between Anti Fascists in America protesting a supposed “oppressive” president by burning property and assaulting people for disagreeing, and Greeks taking to the streets demanding their right to safety. Greeks aren’t just afraid for their lives because more people are coming in, these people harm their lively hood to the point where they’re afraid to let their children outside to play. There’s a problem here, and if the Prime Minister isn’t willing to do his job and help his people, Greeks have shown that they are willing and more than capable of doing so themselves.             

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