The Arnold Sports Festival (basically a sports and heavy lifting version of comic-con) is halfway over, but the SJW’s of the world are feeling too intimidated to function. Today, iheart spread awareness and cause for fear among the LGBT community: “The Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization, or BRAVO, issued the alert, citing the increased possibility of violence throughout the run of The Arnold.” The gay advocacy group told other LGBT members to stay on their guard and to always stay around people they know. But what’s the reason for this sudden panic? In short, there is one, but it’s not very logical. The article states:

“BRAVO Interim Director Aaron Eckhardt says this weekend also brings an increase in human trafficking and violence, with thousands visiting the city.

“We issued one last year as well, because we know that with this influx of people, and also historically, during this particular weekend there is an increase in human trafficking and potentially other hate and bias violence with so many people around,” Eckhardt said.

Eckhardt also mentioned this weekend is the two-year anniversary of the disappearance of Joey LaBute, who was later found dead, and his death is still an unsolved homicide.” 

This is only relevant to them due to the fact that Joey was gay, and he just so happened to be at a bar filled with people attending the Arnold Sports Festival. There are no actual recorded attacks by Arnold Classic chads on Homosexuals, yet for some irrational reason, these buff men are being called dangerous simply for not being soy boys. According to the article that issued the warning, “BRAVO will also have advocates at many of the city’s LGBT bars this weekend to inform patrons about their rights and issue tips on how to stay safe.” Their Interim Director Aaron Eckhardt also added that violence against gays is never within fault of their own community, it’s always the straight white man. In his logic, if a bunch of gay men stands around in a bar, nobody will get hurt. Additionally, everyone will be fortunate enough to sit through hours of long-winded propaganda.   

Most people that attend the Arnold Sports Festival are there to get “pumped up” and excited about competition, not abduct gay guys to join some sort of creepy cult. The liberals that comprise of this LGBT community are using “what could happen” as a means to frighten the uninformed and keep them in line with the agenda that all chads, all buff white men, are evil.