People, and by people I mean Liberals, are raising their communist fists and declaring… I actually am not clear on what these people want anymore. It changes depending on what gender or object they identify as that day. 

Facebook events all around the country are encouraging people to unite as one and let out a “primal scream over the current state of our democracy”. The event, known as “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election” is scheduled for November 8th, and is sure to draw in a crowd of many mentally insane snowflakes. This is a mockery celebration, something an SJW can do without getting themselves thrown in jail. Actually, scratch that. Getting thrown in jail is a big possibility here. Anyone ever heard of disturbing the peace? Having a bunch of screaming liberals swarming around you will surly ruin your picnic. 

 When looking further into these events, I noticed a funny element to the description of the event I linked earlier. Look. 

 They’re at it again folkes, typical tricks. While this particular event was only meant as a means to shill, there are several serious event pages created in order to show everyone just how much of a cry baby they really are. If you ever thought that the term “screaming liberal” was a bit over dramatic, you’ve been taking too many blue pills. Also note how the event is “kid friendly”. Hey, at least I got some laughs out of it.  

The idea originally came from Boston, where people will gather in the Boston Common, to yes, literally scream their heads off about how much they hate Donald Trump. Other cities like New York, Austin and Chicago are marking their calendars as well. Expect your employees to mentally check out of life and not show up to work that day, this is an important day in history!

All jokes aside, at the end of the day, Trump does not care if you lose your voice due to your triggers. He does not care that you don’t like him. He’s our president, and believe it or not his job is to keep our country standing tall and strong. Liberals, this November 8th, try living a productive life instead of trying to disturb everyone else’s.     

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