In a recent survey hosted by YouGov, 21% of Americans believe that identifying as transgender is a form of mental illness, while 39% believe that being transgender is a choice. This survey has a few other key elements as well, but the most triggering question came when the participants were asked whether or not they would be friends with a trans person or not. It turns out, that even though 40% of US adults personally know someone who is transgender, 27% are not open to being friends with anyone who identifies as a transgender man, woman, or whatever made up gender they decide transition into. For liberals, this is a problem.

Refinery 29, a site that aims to force everyone to conform to every liberal agenda known to man, had this to say about these “troubling” numbers.

 A shocking number of people aren’t open to having trans people in their lives, in relationships or even as friends.

The good news, of course, is that 73% of the respondents must have answered that question positively — saying that they would be friends with transgender people. But the results get even more troublesome when it comes to relationships.

In a survey, there are neither positive nor negative answers. There are only honest opinions and preferences. To shame them for their honesty is absurd. These “troublesome” results that they’re referring to, are these:

17% of people would be open to dating a trans man, while 76% said they would not be open to it. For trans women, the results are similar; 16% open, 77% not open. The same basic number follows with those who are trans, but consider themselves non binary. 18% open, 75% not open. I would also like to point out that saying “I’m a non binary transgender person” is a little impossible. Trans people are called trans because they are transitioning into another gender, Non Binary is literally someone refusing to claim a gender. You cannot transition into nothing. If you’re a liberal and reading this, go ahead and tell me why I’m wrong in the comments.

The liberals on this website were deeply disturbed when they viewed these results, saying, “While we’ve made some strides in transgender rights and representation, this study shows that a good portion of America still has a lot to learn.” This is not a learning issue, this is simply one’s preference. Throughout the entire article, they make it a point to tell us that we need to conform to the changes and accept trans people as normal functioning citizens. Not only that, but if you don’t agree with them, don’t want to date, have sex with, or marry them, you’re a bigot and should be taught a lesson. I don’t know what you got out of this, but I’m more afraid of these communists than they are of us.

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