While earlier today I advocated that the nation would benefit if we all just dropped the politics for a moment and came together in a moment of unity over the loss of our fellow American’s. It’s seems that was too much to hope for. As an increasing amount of cold heartless rhetoric coming out of the Left in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, has seemingly removed any chance for a unified American response to this latest tragedy.

In fact it was our failed, two time would-be President herself that led the way. Wasting no time in instantly politicizing the issue, and taking cheap shots at the NRA along the way.

Letting go for a moment that a silencer simply isn’t compatible with the type of fully automatic gun the attacker likely used, rendering her entire argument quite silly. Let’s just all take a moment to consider how close this woman came to being our leader. A women whose immediate response to over 55 dead and 500 more wounded seems only to be, how best she can use that fact to get new laws passed quickly. This instead of taking at least a day to focus on the victims and their families. Think what you will of Trump, but his focus was in the right place during his address to the nation today.

Our mainstream media is no better of course. Filled with the likes of Hayley Gold. A top legal executive at CBS who wrote on Facebook she had no sympathy for the victims. As country music fans are usually Republican gun toters. This somehow making them deserving of a violent bullet filled death in her Liberal mind.In a rather disappointing bit of political point scoring. Even famed scientist Richard Dawkins quickly got in on the act, with quite possibly the least intelligent tweet from a normally incredibly intelligent man ever made on Twitter. I assume he was just trying to make up for offending the Social Justice Warrior types last year, when he spoke some politically incorrect truths about Islam.

All these examples, whether they be SJW pandering, political point scoring, or just outright hatred for those with different views then you, reveal one common thing. The Left doesn’t really seem all that upset over the loss of human life in Las Vegas. For some, it’s because political agendas can be served by this tragedy, and for others it’s a more disgusting simple lack of care about people who don’t think the same as you. Trump had it right in his speech today. This was an act of pure evil, and for now nothing more need be said about it. While instead we continue to strive for some sense of American unity in this madness, despite the best efforts of people like those above who would try and divide us.


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