Jonathan Pie, a political commentator/news reporter from London England, posted a video on YouTube recently that’s got liberals of all shapes and sizes stirred up (but particularly the Jewish liberals.) The video in question has Pie standing outside of the same court building where YouTube comedian Count Dankula was convicted for making a “grossly offensive video.” Just weeks earlier, the man famous for making a mockery of Nazi’s in a prank involving his girlfriend’s pug was in the headlines for his supposed “hate crime” and is now awaiting sentencing. Pie exclaimed at the injustices taking place and expressed his anger at the fact that no one is really standing up for free speech in the UK.

Evidently, making a video in which you praise free speech, talk about how context is important, and mock Nazi’s is considered offensive enough to be reported to the Metropolitan Police. A few days ago, Pie tweeted a screenshot that showed an apparent triggered liberal getting upset over Pie’s discussion of free speech, context, and Nazi’s; likely especially angered over the part when Pie began mocking Adolf Hitler by marching around and singing “Springtime For Hitler.”

“Hi there, a few days ago an internet “comedian” made extremely offensive remarks where he imitated being a Nai and satirized the Holocaust. As a Jewish person not only does this cause unimaginable offense but I believe breaches various hate speech laws that others have rightly been convicted for. The man’s online personality is known as ‘Johnathan Pie,’ here’s the video.”

He proceeded to leave a link to the video and then added:

“The offensive content starts at 3:50. I would like to know whether this will be investigated. Thanks.” 

Oddly enough, the police’s Facebook page actually took this seriously and even offered to meet up with the accuser to discuss further details. 

“Hi, it’s understandable how this would cause distress. If you feel personally offended by this, we can arrange to come and see you to take a report.” 

Jonathan Pie responded by posting the screenshot and adding his own statement: 

“If you feel personally offended the police are willing to investigate it…AS A CRIME! come on then! I’ll DM you my address.”

It’s unknown whether or not a legitimate investigation has started taking place concerning Pie and his apparent “hate speech and bigotry,” but what we do know is that people have had enough. In the UK, if you’re not a liberal, you run the risk of being sent to jail or worse. One supporter of Pie’s tweeted:

“Islam offends me. Will you investigate that or am I now under investigation for saying it?” 

The whole point of Jonathan Pie’s video was to discuss what happened to Count Dankula and why it was wrong. The “guy with the Nazi pug” is a comedian and comedians often make jokes that will offend people. Why? Because people can’t handle the truth or make fun of themselves. He proved that liberals don’t care about context by mocking Hitler himself and still being called a Nazi. You know where else you can get sent to prison for making fun of Hitler? Nazi Germany. As Pie points out, Nazi’s would have been busting Count Dankula’s door down for mocking Nazi’s the way he did. 

In the UK, freedom of speech is nonexistent, and I hope people like Jonathan Pie will continue to rise up out of their comfort zones and fight for it.