On November 10, 2017, the American comedian Louis C.K. responded to recent allegations of sexual misconduct, admitting that the stories of at least five of his victims were true. 

The sexual abuse being uncovered in the intricate crevices of the social elite is coming to fruition, and Louis C.K. personifies the rapidly unfolding world of degeneracy latent in elite circles. 

A YouTuber by the name of Mark Dice, known best for his blogs wherein he criticizes leftism and commentates on cultural decline, uploaded a video on Friday concerning Louis C.K. In the video below, beginning at the 2:30 mark, Louis C.K. can be seen and heard cracking a joke about having sex with a dead child, which is greeted in turn by a laughing audience. 

See the video:

“I’m curious about what their kid looks like, because they’re so beautiful. Maybe I want to fuck their kid, I don’t know. I’m not gonna fuck a kid, I wouldn’t do that… maybe a dead kid, who are you hurting? He’s dead! Who are you hurting?! I’m not saying I would kill a kid and fuck him, I’m saying if I found a dead kid in a field and it wasn’t raining, I might take a shot, I don’t know. I haven’t been in that situation.”

As almost everyone knows, satire is a tidbit of truth wrapped in a barrel of humor to soften the blow of its controversial nature. Who in their right mind jokes about engaging in sexual intercourse with a dead child? And, even more disturbingly, who laughs at such a thing? 

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