Makeapp: Women Are Being Stripped Of Their Makeup And Men Love It


My Grandpa used to say, “women don’t need makeup”. Apparently, modern men feel the same way. In the new app “Makeapp”, you can add makeup as well as create photos and video’s with your new look. The big controversy however, lies within one single feature that the app has to offer; removing the makeup. 

Say for example, Laura Loomer decides to put on a full face of makeup and go out for a night on the town. Let’s also say, that while she’s out, she decides to attend a Trump rally and a few of her fans want pictures with her. Later, while using the app, they could go and remove most of the makeup from her face, resulting in her looking something like this:

Very flattering, is it not? Mostly the app is just used “for the lulz” and for 99 cents, you can get the pro version which allows you to use as many pictures as you want.  Meanwhile, Feminists from near and far have taken to the internet to spew their hatred and unleash their anger over the extremely “troubling” app. They let us know that it’s problematic, they feel oppressed, vulnerable, open to trolling, blah blah blah. Alright, so maybe the trolling is accurate, but no actual harm comes to anyone, and it’s always just been something for us to laugh at. Laughter is good for the soul. One reviewer wrote:     

Don’t have the balls to date a woman regardless of what color lipstick she wears? Can’t handle that a naturally blonde woman’s eyelashes might actually be NATURALLY BLONDE? Think you get to judge women’s beauty because you’re a man? Think women put on makeup to impress you and your tiny bulge? Then this is the app for you- enjoy your lonely existence.  

Another wrote: 

I would say that this is definitely a must have app for amateur demon hunters and vampire slayers everywhere. 

While many of these reviews were full of either sarcasm, hate, or both, several of them offered their approval of the app, even stating that it helped women to realize that they love who they are even without makeup. 

This app encourages to accept people for who they are and truly pushes the notion that we’re all human and we all age and go through change. those disagreeing with this app value physical beauty more than the truth and biology.   

I run a Beauty Program called Selfless. I love this app. We teach that women are beautiful on the inside and out. We take pictures of them with makeup, then we do months of training to boost their self esteem and confidence. Self love is key. We use the pictures of them with makeup to see the facade society has placed on them. At the graduation process, we reveal them without makeup using this app. We use it to show how strong they are. They love who they are with or without makeup.  

So feminists, are you saying that a woman has to wear makeup, and that if they don’t, they’re ugly? Granted, this app isn’t always accurate. Sometimes it strips away layers of skin and removes the eyelashes completely. Most of the time though, this app is accurate enough and many men are giving it the thumbs up. 

While SJW’s are getting triggered about being “exposed” and writing angry blogs, young men are using this app to see what those girls on Tinder really look like. Men love this app, because with its flaws it gives them something to laugh at, and at its most accurate, it reveals that women are human too. So is this app really that bad? It’s just makeup.  

Feminists should be praising this app, it show’s women what they really look like under the makeup that men (according to them) force them to wear. Oddly enough, if it doesn’t fit their narrative at the time, it get’s met with mass negativity. Though the app is mostly used for fun, it still doesn’t stop them from getting triggered.

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