Mark Ruffalo has never been shy when it comes to speaking his thoughts and opinions on political matters (honestly, if he’s not a politician or a political commentator he shouldn’t even be bringing it up. It causes that division he so openly loathes) But recently on Twitter and Instagram, he’s been throwing out some extra liberal propaganda and his viewers are not receiving it with open arms.

 “As things get ugly and rhetorical let’s not forget that we are a country of illegal immigrants.” 

Ruffalo stated in a recent Instagram post. The rest of his ignorance continues:

“The only ‘real’ Americans are the indigenous people of America. Their treaties are agreements with us that have allowed all of us to make a home here. The entire idea of America, and it’s saving grace, is it’s openness and promise of equality to all people, its inclusiveness, and the idea that all that are willing to join this great experiment, this beacon of democracy, would be welcome. That is the dream of America.

Our #Dreamers are the fruit of America. It seems to me to use their precious lives as a bargaining chip is the opposite of the American Dream. We are witnessing, the American Nightmare. The backwards America. The glory of the US is our ability to enjoin so many cultures with so many talents and virtues and skills under a single flag. We aren’t the jewel of the world for nothing. We aren’t appealing to the world for nothing. When you think upon what makes America great today or at some time in the past you have include our diversity. Because that is at our essence. It always was no matter how you try and spin it. In that way alone are we different from any other country in the world from our very inception, from the very DNA of our being. We were revolutionary in that concept, we were bold and open and courageous.

It has worked out very well for us. We are not perfect but like anything we can always do better. Fearfulness is the equivalent of decay. It is regressive, it projects weakness, it impedes growth, it is closed minded, it is reactive, it is unsustainable. Try to remember, openness is at the heart of our national identity, it is the best of who we are and who we have been. It is our grace, it is what drives our growth, it reaches with imagination into the future and is the nature of the goodness in the universe. Stay open in these times, if you can, it pays off. It has for me.”

No. We are not a country of illegal immigrants. Just because he saw something in a picture book does not mean he has the power to start some screwed up movement. Also, I need to point out how ridiculous it is, that he used this as an opportunity to promote multiculturalism and the agenda of forced diversity. The glory of the US is our ability to enjoin so many cultures with so many talents and virtues and skills under a single flag.” Because of all this nonsense going on in Hollywood right now, the first question I asked myself was, “Is he a Jew?” 

Some of his viewers let him have it, exposing his comment for its utter stupidity. 

 Stop the talking points. We are a nation of laws not mushy feelings. You could not just walk into Australia to film Thor 3; you needed a visa. Canada turned me away in the early 90’s because I was carrying a laptop for work. You can march and post all you want but we have to have border security and documented citizens. That’s how nations work. The people of the globe do not have the right to move here, it is a privilege. We as a nation have the right to select who comes here. We are a nation of laws.

“LEGAL not illegal… I didn’t know you turn into Rosie O’Donnell in real life when you get angry… #boycotthollywood”

“I was born in America so I am legal.”
“Wrong..then we were not an established country with borders and laws governing who and how people could enter.. You’re just providing an excuse for the #SchumerShutdown”
The fact that he thought his fans would be this ignorant is insulting. Good on them for calling him out.