Matt Furie may sound like pro wrestler’s name, but it’s actually the name of an evil, misinformed troll who lives under the bridge you try to cross every morning. He sits there and waits as you take your first step, he grabs your leg and slowly pulls you under, devouring you as you fall. 

Oh wow. Maybe that’s a bit overdramatic, but for the most part, it’s true. Matt Furie, the original creator of Pepe the Frog, is attempting to sue the pants off of anyone (right-wingers) who use the image to promote “hate, racism, white supremacy, and nationalism.” So even if you aren’t an actual racist and you’re still right-wing leaning, and you say “America first,” you better not be selling Pepe posters on your site.  

But here’s the thing, Furie has thus far only gained about 1,500 dollars from his little “crusade” against free speech. Most people hear the term “lawsuit” and they take their Pepe merchandise down before it even escalates that far. Richard Spencer, for example, did not hesitate to comply when big scary lawyers came knocking at his door. Only a few people have fought back, and they didn’t have the funds to ensure their victory. Alex Jones, however, (Furie’s latest target) has bigger guns and is the equivalent to that final boss battle that’s so impossible to beat that you just give up and play a different game. It’s about to get ugly. 

According to Furie, Alex Jones is a serious threat to the liberal narrative and needs to be taken out. Jones is selling a poster which features Pepe the Frog among other political figures, and Furie says “that has to come to an end.”  

The suit is likely going to end up in court, as Jones is not backing down like is other right-wing counterparts. Instead, he’s actually jacked up the prices of the Info Wars poster from $17.76 to $29.95. The store description reads:

“There’s only a few hundred left on this final run. We’ll be forced to take it down forever when we run out, so make sure you get this collectible poster today!”

Alex Jones says he’s not afraid of the big bad wolf with all of his fancy lawyers and money. 

“The poster is political art, it’s transformative…it’s completely and totally protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.” 

It’s up in the air whether or not Furie will win this lawsuit against Jones, but despite what is being pushed by the mainstream media, Furie isn’t really winning, and the odds of that changing in the future are not in his favor. Still, Furie and his team of lawyers say they’re not going to stop harassing people anytime soon. 

“Matt has every intention of making sure that no one is ever using his character or his images in connection with messages of hate and thinking they’re going to be able to make a profit off of it. There’s no planned end date.”  

That’s the key factor in all of this; money. Pepe’s creator is perfectly fine if you share a right-wing meme with the frog’s picture on it, even if it goes viral. As long as nobody’s making any money off of it to pay their bills, he’s okay with it, because he’s already made it in the creative industry and thinks it would be fun to crush the little guys. 

Furie is not a winner, he’s a loser. A loser who prides himself on hindering other’s and cutting their funds, potentially ruining their chances of achieving their goals. It’s looking as though Furie won’t even win against Alex Jones, and if that’s the case, it will be a major victory for free speech. This “too big to fail” mentality has to come to an end, and Jones just might be the one to do it. 

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