Western Civilization is currently locked in a superintensive battle of cultural warfare and has been ripping at it’s seams since the 20th century due to the increasingly idiomatic nature of social justice and Marxism, which, as an initially economic theory-turned-culural, has led to the mass disillusionment of tens of millions of Europeans in the past century. Social progressivism and innovative federal legislation find themselves rapidly replacing traditionalism and national conservatism, both of which are portrayed as negative or outdated modes of thinking. In the immortally wise words of John Oliver, “It’s 2015!”

However, the argument, “it’s [current year]!” does not hold up under scrutiny, and one will find that truth exists objectively, apart from the class-based reconstruction of historical and contemporary social issues on the basis of class-conflict. And many Europeans are coming to understand this reality, as shown by the recent success of the grassroots movement, Identity Evropa, an Identarian organization formerly headed by Patrick Casey, aka, Reinhard Wolff.

On January 28, 2018, Identity Evropa conducted a public service by hanging a sign reading, “Danger: Sanctuary City,” over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, warning passersby that, “San Francisco is a dangerous sanctuary city where the law does not apply to illegal invaders.”

Details about the organizations growth were discussed in an interview with Patrick Casey, CEO of Identity Evropa. “I can’t provide a percentage,” said Casey, “But we at least doubled our membership in 2017. While most of our members are men, we do have a growing women’s group.” 

One might assume that this doubling is likely due to the massive media coverage of the Charlottesville rally; however, Casey has described the events as a “net negative.”

“While we did see a slightly higher number of applications in August than normal, many people ‘went dark’ after the ill-fated rally, concerned for their anonymity. Moreover, the massive wave of deplatforming from services like PayPal, Square, Squarespace, etc. is an issue.”

Evidently, public interest in the far-right is growing, and as peer-reviewed research polling younger generations from 2017 have shown, political ideologies transcending the traditional Republican-Democrat paradigm are becoming socially acceptable in younger circles. Interest in alternative media outlets that have been described as “extremist-friendly,” has also spiked in recent months.