Science is said to be the pursuit of objective truth.  But since when does the modern regressive left want anything to do with the truth?  After all we live in a world where just this past week liberal rag, Slate.Com unironically published this to their front page.

While that article attempts to somehow blame “science” for the now infamous google diversity manifesto.  It also argues that science should only work towards goals that promote a liberal “positive” agenda.  The bottom line is that liberals want to control the entire scientific field. Turning it into a puppet that is only ever allowed to publish work that promotes their own twisted social justice worldview, and more importantly never be allowed to release work that shows just how often that doesn’t mesh up with actual reality.


This battle between the left and a still for now free and objective scientific community played out again just this past week when a peer reviewed study from 2015 was released to the public online. Entitled, The relationship of female physical attractiveness to body fatness, this new study had the feminist contingent of the SJW brigade up in arms over its mere existence let alone the results.  The results didn’t help matters though when it found that rather unsurprisingly, men tend to find skinnier and younger looking women to be more attractive. 

Who would have guessed most men prefer the left? 

For the purposes of the study men from 10 different countries around the world were asked to rank a series of different body shapes in order of attractiveness.  The 10 countries were chosen in hopes of showing that at least on some level men’s tastes were influenced by local culture and societal norms rather then just a basic universally shared biological predisposition to a certain body type.  Unfortunately for those body positive feminists out there the results were amazingly consistent across the board. From the UK, to Kenya, to China. Men tended to prefer thinner women unanimously. The bottom line of the results being, that as a woman’s BMI increased they become progressively less attractive to men. These results of course were soon declared by those on the left as unacceptable.  Not because the research was bad, once again this is a peer reviewed paper published by a respected scientific journal, but because the study itself should according to feminists never have been allowed to occur in the first place.

Within 24 hours of the study being released online, a number of major liberal leaning sites had hit pieces up. Allure called it, “pointless and irresponsible”, Red Online called it “unhelpful” and stated that it did nothing but “will us with rage”, and The Independent stated just that it was “incredibly depressing”. The Allure piece even went on to suggest that as the study was built around a “toxic paradigm” it should be discarded.  The bottom line here is that to SJW’s, any science that doesn’t support or benefit “the cause” is instantly invalid on a political basis.  To these people reality is legitimately a thing to be discarded away if it doesn’t fit in with the more perfect imaginary world inside their head. 

The negative reaction to this study is a terrifying meeting of the Anti-Scientific Left, and the SJW fueled fat feminist movement.  Both these groups must be fought. As it’s important we hold onto our rights to both an independent objective science community, and to the right to enjoy the sight of a pretty girl.  Both of which crazily enough are actually under threat in these modern times.


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  • Brad Feaker

    The bottom line is that liberals want to control the entire scientific field. Turning it into a puppet that is only ever allowed to publish work that promotes their own twisted social justice worldview, and more importantly never be allowed to release work that shows just how often that doesn’t mesh up with actual reality.

    Hyperbole much?

    • Jack Kenrick

      Not really. If this was an isolated example of the problem then sure. But almost every study that has come out in the past few years that goes against the liberal narrative, has at least some people calling for science to be reined in.

      • Brad Feaker

        You need to be WAY more specific sir. First of all, science is not a collection of facts, it is a method. So get you definition correct before you start assigning political labels to it.

        And what science are you referring to that “liberals” are calling to be reigned in? Citations please.

        • Jack Kenrick

          I included a mention of Slate Magazines recent attack on Scientific Method, right at start of this very article.

          • Brad Feaker

            If you equate those idiots at Slate with a majority of those who would identify as liberal, then Brietbart and Alex Jones are the intellectual cornerstones of modern conservatism. Give me a fucking break.

          • Eric van den Hurck

            Breitbart*. You’re welcome.

          • Brad Feaker

            Thank you 😉 I had to shower just thinking it.

        • How many examples do you need? There are literally thousands and thousands? Find them yourself? The burden is on you to disprove a statement.

          Here’s one anyway: men and women are “interchangeable.” Science proves this wrong…very wrong, but feminists and lefty nuts will have no part of it.

          And another: Life starts at…whatever opinion happens to feel good to a feminist or other selfish person. But science unequivocally and irrefutable proves repeatedly that a life belonging to its species (chromosome arrangement and count) begins at conception. Feminists and other duped fools hate that one so they get all huffy about it.

          And a third: “Women are just as spatial as men.” But science proves that the hemispheres of respective sexes are wired and function (necessarily) differently which sets men’s spatial capacities higher than women, in general.

          The examples are so numerous it is beyond the capacities of this post.

          • Brad Feaker

            Another Christian with no concept of where the burden of proof lies.

            But science unequivocally and irrefutable proves repeatedly that a life belonging to its species (chromosome arrangement and count) begins at conception.

            Citation? Or do you just expect me to take your word for it? And if you can actually produce a peer reviewed study in a real scientific journal to support you contention that life begins at conception – I will happily apologize.

            Until then (which will be a long time…like forever) I will continue my opinion that you are full of crap.


          • If you need a citation for something as obvious as this, you are an embecile.

            MY word for it? How about ALL of the non-feelings-overwhelmed scientific community that recognizes the self-evident importance of objectively observing nature and truth without seeing it via a feelings distortion?

            You obviously do not understand the significance of objectivity. Believe whatever makes you feel better even if it has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

            The same body of minds that yield understanding of diseases, microscopic wonders, chemistry, gravity, rockets, comets, physics, and more are not wrong about the relatively simple processes of life and death.

            If you need a citation, you are sick. Plus, you are the one in disagreement, so the burden of proof lies with you.

            But, as I said earlier, there are thousands. When you find them by using key words that you hope will prove you right, be sure and actually read the enormous amount that prove you wrong.

            But you won’t read them. You’d rather feel good instead.

            “To me, life begins at….” is what is full of krap.

          • Brad Feaker

            Nope – just shows you do not have the evidence.

            Good day

    • Joe Blow

      Hyperbole much? not really

      • Brad Feaker

        Yeah – really. Now go hug Trump and leave the adults alone.

        • Joe Blow

          Excuse me, based on your stupid childish irrelevant reply, you should leave us adults alone, you mindless jerk.

          • Brad Feaker

            Blocked – asshat.

  • criolle

    Even the headline is misleading.
    Men prefer fit, slender women, not “skinny” or overweight. Both of the latter indicate chronic problems that will impact a long term relationship.
    Reality. When you slam into it, it leaves a mark.

    • Szebran

      Liberalism is totalitarianism.

  • Dave Brer

    BUt I like chubby girls. I find Ashley Graham quite attractive.

  • Len Wilson

    THE LEFT doesn’t necessarily hate it! There are men and thin women who are not feminists who don’t hate this result.

    • Eric Sweeten

      I’m sure there are obese women who don’t hate the result either – as long as they are open-minded and educated. I’m an obese man and admit that women tend to prefer in-shape men, and I’m not all bent out of shape about it.

    • Kevin Guthrie

      But that is how some groups handle things. “See? They are no different then when we suggest science isn’t even real.” Got to drag the other side down so they look just as bad and have always been just as bad since time began.

  • Jackson Mallick

    Nice looking fit guys don’t go for fat women unless he has very low standards or the fatty he’s with is very generous with $$$$$ other wise very unlikely.Fat women are a terrible liability due health insurance issues not mention the stench many fat women have.Fit attractive women that let themselves go thinking men will accept them no matter what are in for a very rude awakening.

  • Bora Bosna

    Support fat acceptance, so that the fatties eat themselves to death, and bury their mental illness with them. Good riddance.

  • Chris

    Fat women also prefer fit men over fat men.

    • Most all women do. Double standards anyone?

  • Greggore

    I like women who can help move a Fridge. If they are under 5’8”, no. If they are less than 2/3’s my…if they act like a princess…leave the room.

    Looks are very important, but so is being with someone who can carry their own weight and has a sense of morals and honor.

  • Hey everyone! We all can just lie! That’ll satisfy them!

    All this time as children and then teens, we learn to be honest, no matter what. We are even punished when we fail to comply. But then as soon as we get out on our own, if you do not lie and employ other measures of deceit to get a job, keep one, get ahead, get women to like you, gain the admiration of the herd, etc, you are some kind of antisocial loser or something.

    Examples: Would we teach our little girls at their lemonade stand to serve the beverage in a cup that misleadingly looks like the customers get more drink? Then why do we do this as adults in business establishments? Would we teach our boys to lie to girls to get them to like them? Then why do we pat young men on the back for doing the same thing later in life? Do we celebrate pedophilia? Then why does a woman molesting a 14 year old boy get a pass? …and the boy heralded as a “man” now for getting some?

    Stop and think about all the lies as adults people tell but would be punished as children. Why do we waste our time teaching right and wrong? The examples of us doing the wrong things are constantly being played out.

    Who needs science? It is too honest. It is too objective. It is too much reality. It refuses to lie, which is faaar more commonplace.

    Like I said, just keep lying. That’ll work!

  • crydiego

    Fat or fit, the only reason to marry is for money. It is time for men to wake up, feminism destroyed love -n-marriage, — an 80 year old with ten million is a great catch.