Women have painted with it, and now, they continuously eat with it. By it I mean period blood and bodily fluids. It became an odd trend in 2015, but apparently women have been cooking their waste for years as rituals necessary for love spells.

If you’re looking for some good, classic, feminist food, look no further than some of these gruesome grubs.

Menstrual Waffles

Yum! Who wouldn’t want a taste of these bloody good waffles! This isn’t red velvet, this isn’t even food coloring. Nope! This is straight up period blood. This recipe requires the following:

2 eggs

1/3 cup of oil

2 cups of flour

3 1/2 tbsp of menstrual blood

2 tbsp of sugar

1 tbsp of baking soda

1 tbsp of vanilla extract

1 pinch of sault

Or, maybe you can just skip all that, not be a degenerate, and eat the waffles properly.

Period Blood Pancakes

Pancakes are wonderful, but if you ever see this creepy red item on your plate, just go hungry. This recipe requires:

2 cups of flour

1 egg

1 cup of milk

3/4 cup of period blood

How about, no thank you! If someone can get sick from the constant scent of period blood, what makes this insane free-bleed movement think that actually eating it is perfectly fine and healthy? One user said on a forum, “Science has been finding that menstrual blood is actually really healthy. There are some scientists who have been drinking it and they have reaped wonderful benefits. I recommend doing a little research on drinking menstrual blood. Drinking your own fresh morning urine might be healthy too. It can clear your skin like nothing else. A good diet is needed for the urine, though.” Note, that there are no sources to back this outrageous claim.

The final food item I’d like to point your attention to, is…

Sourdough Bread Made From Vaginal Yeast

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of water

Vaginal Yeast

Yep. Vaginal yeast. This oldie but definitely not a goodie originated from feminist blogger Zoe Stavri, who, after getting an irritating yeast infection, had the inspiration to turn her discomfort into the nastiest recipe on the list. She was labeled as a “feminist hero” after her posts went viral, and she describes waking up one day and slowly descending into degeneracy.

“Waking up on Saturday with the familiar itchy burny fanny, I giggled to myself, ‘Maybe I could make bread with that, and that ticked into, ‘Well, I’ve always wanted to try making my own sourdough anyway,’ and then a ‘Fuck, would that even work?’ And then I got curious, and the next thing that happened was I was scraping white goop off of a dildo into a bowl of flour mixed with water.” 

How is any of this healthy? Vaginal yeast infections are caused by Candida, which is literally a fungus. Why would you put something that’s considered a medical disease into your body?

To sum it all up, leftists and feminists are going to die off before they can cause any real damage, due to their unhealthy eating habits. So this year for Thanksgiving, ditch these 3rd wave feminist traditions and stick with the turkey.

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