Millennial Women Want A Powerful Masculine Dom Man, Not A Sensitive Wimp Or “Male Feminist”


Nobody likes a soy boy. Despite all the hype projected by social justice warriors, soy boys, wimps, and straight up male feminists don’t have as great of a chance when it comes to impressing women. But why? In a world full of condemnation towards the straight white male, why wouldn’t Millennial women just fall in line and choose someone who will bow down to their every word? Why wouldn’t women want a man that they can attend marches and protests with? Well, studies show that modern day women prefer masculine men over soy boys and male feminists.

Isreal21c writes:

A collaborative study led by Prof. Gurit Birnbaum, head of the experimental psychology program at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, indicates that women don’t find “responsiveness” in a man to be sexually appealing.

They then delve deeper into the experiment.

 Participants sent online chats about a life problem to someone they thought was a person of the opposite sex; in reality, they received an automated reply that was either responsive or unresponsive to their woes.

When participants rated their conversation partners for responsiveness, sexual attractiveness and how typical they seemed for their gender, on average the males labeled responsive women as more feminine and therefore more sexually attractive as a potential partner.

Yet the female participants were, on average, slightly less attracted to men who seemed more responsive, viewing such responsiveness as a feminine quality. They were more attracted to men they found masculine, meaning not necessarily very responsive.

So women like men who act like…men! Wow, what a surprise. Ironically, liberals did seem to be taken back by these discoveries, as if they had assumed that every woman enjoyed the company of weak a minded man. Newsweek tells us:

Muscles and money are qualities that straight women and gay men typically find attractive in men, according to an analysis of Tube Crush—a website where people post unsolicited pictures of men seen on the London Underground.

The study at Coventry and Aberystwyth universities in the United Kingdom, published in Feminist Media Studies in August, analyzed images over a period of three years since 2014. The “guy candy” posted on the website were mostly white men—despite London being a multicultural city—indicating that white male privilege is still an attractive quality.

They went on to note how pictures and comments seemed to favor masculine men. “men’s biceps, pecs, and chest as well as perceived sexual ability” seemed to be topics of interest, whereas men who were shown in more feminine positions or being emotional and awkward, got less attention and less positive comments.

See how the liberals are contradicting themselves. They can speak all day long about concent and a woman’s right to say no, but then turn right around and glorify sites that post pictures of men doing everyday things without their permission. Stalker much?

Another study basically said the same thing; women want men who look, act and speak like men.

“Scientists showed a group of 160 women photographs of shirtless, faceless men and asked to give them an attractiveness rating. The results show men who looked strong, with muscular arms and toned torsos, did far better than those who had worked a little less hard at the gym.”

Finally, researchers concluded that women (at least women in Sweden) who choose more masculine partners find that their sex drive has drastically increased. Women who stay home and perform chores like cooking, cleaning, and caring for their children are also happier and carefree. According to the study published on MercatorNet,   

The data overwhelmingly suggest that “sexual frequency is highest in households with traditionally gendered divisions of labor” and that “households in which men do more female-typed (core) tasks report lower sexual frequency.” These results “are statistically significant and substantively large.”

So there you have it. If the blue-haired feminists, SJW, Antifa types tell you that women like submissive wimps for men, just whip out some facts. They literally cannot refute that.