Emily Rose Nauert, also known as Louise Rosealma, better known as Moldylocks. Remember her? She enjoys things like scalping  Nazi’s, throwing glass bottles at innocent people, and yelling about how oppressed minorities are. However, there is a dark side to this woman that only the bravest have seen… She has resurfaced, and she… is a sex worker.

 Go ahead and take some time, you might need it. I saw this video and couldn’t stop laughing. It took me ten minutes to stop and confirm with my team that I would write this story, so go on. Laugh it up.

 Going by the name Venus Rosealma, (yes, another alias) she has been featured on ATKHairy.com, a site for people who like… well you know. She has allegedly stated that she has an affinity towards pain and is exploring that side of herself. Perhaps it was Nathan Damigo who triggered her and helped her find her “real self.” But this new career choice, isn’t so new. Moldylocks has appeared in 3 movies, 10 photo sets, and has taken over 1286 explicit images. These numbers weren’t analyzed by me, I don’t actually want to take the next step and download the onion browser. That’s what it would take to hide my shame.

 For everyone who isn’t a f*cking Alt-Right or… White Supremacist or White Wing Person? Is Watching? They just f*cking ruined this, for everybody else, because… they like to f*cking bash on me… because I’m a sex worker and because I got assaulted… by a White Supremacist. So, ya know, it’s all funny I guess. Hmmm yeah. I talk tough but I’m sure you would p*ss your pants… if you ever came face to face with me. 

 What is a white wing person? Where is that antifa confidence she had when she wore the mask? More importantly, why isn’t she pronouncing white correctly? It’s pronounced, “Hu-white”.     

 I can’t say I’m all that surprised by this, below is an image of how antifa girls present themselves in public.


 Classy right? If a woman holds any moral value, she doesn’t mix in with this crowd. A man who replied to @Millenial_Matt ‘s Tweet, @Wolfpackjonesss may have been trolling with his image of Adolf Hitler, but he made a good point. “Kind feel bad for her, only if she had a strong father figure in her life, she would be married with kids, and be content in life.”

 As long as her fellow antifa cult members keep encouraging her, to “fight for the oppressed” and to “get her freak on”, she will continue to be an internet meme. Come November 4th, I expect to see her in the news once again for rightfully getting some sense beat into her. Calm down Antifa, it’s a joke.

 Usually, I would never discourage a woman from having children,  but she just might be an exception. We can only pray that she abandons her degeneracy and takes the red pill fast, it may be her only hope.

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