This week, we saw more liberals go crazy over guns. Brenna Spencer, a college student in Tennessee, received countless amounts of backlash over a picture she took wearing a bright pink “Women for Trump” T-shirt and a black handgun tucked into the waistband of her white jeans. SJW’s screamed their usual “gun control now” nonsense, but they didn’t stop there. They threatened her, spread personal information about her, and some even called the police. Alana Mastrangelo, (proud supporter of the second amendment) stood in support of her friend and took a similar photo with a gun by her waistband. She tweeted: 

“ABC News called the police on my friend, Brenna Spencer (probably hoping to get a better story). Here I am in solidarity with Brenna, also carrying in public. We will NOT allow for Leftist intimidation tactics to hinder our inalienable rights.”

Another woman involved in the social and political realm is Antonia Okafor, and she also posted a similar photo with the caption:

“In solidarity with emPOWERed woman,” 

All of this (with more pictures still to come I’m sure) brought the liberals to tears. They went to Brenna Spencer’s original photo to expose their triggered feelings. 

“Well, since brandishing a weapon is illegal, I guess you have no regard for the law? Especially since you’re not even carrying correctly…”

Brenna replied with, “You should look up the definition of brandishing.” Other liberals continued to let out their frustrations. 

“Women should not have guns.”

“A woman supporting Trump= a woman who doesn’t stand for women’s rights. I’m confused.” 

“Got your privilege on full display. I ain’t even mad at you though. The shirt… a whole different conversation for another time. It’s a wonderful world you live in where you can put your 2nd Amendment right on display like this… Meanwhile, I fear for my life at every traffic stop.” 

“Dear everyone who thought they looked bad in their student photo’s, look on the bright side, at least you didn’t publicly embarrass yourself like this.”

Other’s reported her account (so far they’ve been unsuccessful) and many others have said things like “I wish you didn’t exist.” Saying that evolution would eventually “weed her kind out.” Here’s one screenshot that Brenna retweeted that she apparently received from a Twitter user who goes by the name “safin”:

“You can kill yourself. You’re a worthless piece of trash.”

Regardless of the hate tweets and death threats, Brenna and others like her are still staying true to what they believe in. More conservative women are showing their true strength by not giving into peer pressure, so when will liberal feminists start? Likely never, as they’re still not sure why they believe the things they claim to believe.