When people say that young Millennials and GenZ are set up to be more right-leaning than recent generations, they’re not just saying it to give encouragement to the red pilled audience. Reports of liberal parents complaining about their children or their children’s friend’s being “into Pepe” or “red pilled on the JQ” are fairly common and often bring us hope that we’re not crazy; we are the generation of change. Below is a conversation that took place between two parents that found their children beliefs problematic or “disturbing”.   

“After this, I am done, but I want to say one more thing about the recent middle school drama. Most of the parents of the kids involved in the incident were conservative, though admittedly some came from very liberal and accepting families, which causes a lot of worry in the community. How could this happen? A combination of the following: 1) The children have to learn it from somewhere and the conservative parents may have sent the signal to their children that it is “cute/funny/cool to be Alt-Right, and the conservative parented children peer pressure the liberal children.

2) The internet is trying to steal the minds of the youth and they may have learned these Nazi behaviors and rhetoric from PewDiePie or 4chan. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A PARENT TO MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS NOT EXPOSED TO THE NAZI RHETORIC. Thirteen-year-olds don’t Seig Heil and “sandnigger” in a vacuum! Something is horribly lacking in parenting if we are even having this discussion! Stop blaming Trump and blame yourselves! If you don’t know how then pay someone to block 4chan and YouTube from your router!!!”  


First of all, what a terrible waste of money. Secondly, aren’t these parents being hypocritical? This woman speaks of bad parenting, and yet she is angry that children are becoming their own and learning what they believe and how to express themselves. She’s basically saying “We must force our children to believe what we believe”. Hmm… sounds like something Kim Jong-un would say.

Another parent (who was equally as infuriated) replied to the thread.

“My son is in 8th grade and he brought a friend home who I overheard in the next room asking my son very pointed questions! Asking him why Jews get kicked out of countries. He’s only 8th grade. My son came out of the room looking freaked out, and I later called the boys mom and she was horrified. She banned him from the internet and called me to warn me that she thinks he picked it up from the right-leaning social media called “Discord”. Something funked up is happening someone is targeting our children! The kids weren’t like this just a few years ago…” 

Though she later went on to say that she disagreed with banning children from the internet, most of what she replied is basic “I’m a George Soros puppet” mentality. The parents are horrified that their children are growing up and finding their own beliefs. They should be proud that their children aren’t just agreeing with them and instead, asking questions. To these parents, it’s as if these children are growing up to be Adolf Hitler himself. The youth is the future, and luckily, it’s looking as though our liberal puppet minded days will soon be over.    

  • crypter27

    Gen Z is coming and it will be the generation of change and the generation of payback.

  • 4D -♘/♞

    To the tune of CCR:

    “I see bad goyim rising…”

    • Doug Provenzano

      Bad goyim rising…LOL…But may they rise up and make America great again!!

  • max3333444555

    why didnt you take the opportunity to educate the children on the reasons that jews have been kicked out of countries.

    religious differences (refusal to convert to christianity/islam)
    seem as a subversive group by an authoritarian state (germany/ussr)
    to facilitate confiscation of their assets (spain/germany/ussr)
    creation of a common enemy for propaganda (germany)
    etc etc

    just throwing a fit does nothing to educate the youth and, when a young person asks a question, even a slanted question, why wouldnt you provide facts rather than hysteria?

  • irishslave

    If they don’t get to know and love the KING, then all their alt whatever will be meaningless. The wheat and the tares will be taken care of. In the meantime, train up your kiddos in scripture, so they have purpose in their lives…