While we often like to think of the rising influence of Islam in America as a problem still only in its infancy. What if I told you that Muslims already have gained a shocking amount of control over American made media? In fact for the past decade, almost every single major Hollywood film you might have seen was first screened and approved by the Muslim Public Affairs Council. An organization who checks over almost all our mainstream entertainment to make sure it depicts only a positive portrayal of Islam and its adherents.

The most shocking thing about MPAC’s influence over Hollywood, is just how few people seem aware of it. While MPAC was founded in 1988 its Hollywood Bureau was launched just under a decade ago. Since then the Bureau has begun working closely with both TV and Film studios. In fact the organization proudly boasts that it has convinced many major studios to “dispel negative stereotypes and has been responsible for the presentation of Muslims as admirable protagonists.” Noted Anti-Islamic crusader Pamela Geller is one of the brave few who has dared call attention to MPAC’s growing influence over Hollywood. See her take on the issue in the short video below.


Perhaps unsurprisingly given the above, the reach of MPAC’s propaganda extends to our entertainment news media as well. Below are three stories all posted on different major websites, all written by the same guest author. Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s Hollywood Bureau, Sue Obeidi.

How TV and Movies Can Stop Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

3 Things Muslims Can Do to Change the Narrative in Hollywood

Four Ways the Entertainment Industry Can Counter Trump’s Narrative of Muslims

If those headlines didn’t make it obvious. The bottom line is this, your media is now being curated at least in part by an Islamic organization with an incredibly political agenda. Hollywood has made it clear for years it doesn’t particularly care if it outrages or upsets the Christian majority in America, so why is so concerned with ruffling the feathers of the Islamic minority? In fact for that matter, why is our American entertainment industry self-censoring to the whims of any political or religious entity? Especially one as violent and inherently racist as Islam.

The fact that Islam is already exerting such a highly disproportionate to their population size level of influence in America shouldn’t surprise us. As it is only following the normal pattern of Islamification the religion takes in every country it infects. Our ancestors fought against this same menace centuries ago, but now the enemy has gotten smarter. It works in the shadows and only by calling attention to its questionable behavior can we hope to slow the spread. MPAC and other Muslim initiatives operate best when people don’t realize just how much control they are already exerting over American culture. Only be educating ever more people to this fact can we still retain any hope of not just following slowly in the suicidal footsteps of Europe

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  • I haven’t paid much attention, what was the last MAJOR movie to use mohammedans as the terrorist bad guys and even somewhat accurately present their motivations as what they are, i.e. based on mohammedanism?

    Was it “True Lies” back in 1994? Even it had the TOKEN “good one” working on Ahh-nahld’s team, though.

    “Survivor” from 2015 had some bits, but it had the primary bad guy be a White man bomber who was hired by the mohammedans, the movie was kind of a mix of “Three Days of the Condor” and Bourne, didn’t cost much, and apparently got memory-holed, Box Office Mojo has almost a blank slate for it.

    Other than that, I can’t think of any. I don’t watch much of the newer stuff and mainly only watched “Survivor” for Milla.

    • Jack Kenrick

      It’s been a while that’s for sure.
      One reader on Twitter informed me already that MPAC got hollywood to change the villain in Tom Clany’s Sum of all fears.
      In the book version its Islamic terrorists.

      In the film version it’s neo nazis.