Gangs anywhere can be a big issue in heavily populated cities, but in Germany, Muslim refugee gangs are running rampant on the streets battling each other over territory and other shady dealings. Many of these gangs are involved in not only illegal activity (obviously) but morally inhumane things such as child grooming, rape, and murder. The Muslim refugee and immigrant crisis exists in Germany solely because its Chancellor refuses to accept that Muslims want nothing to do with actual German people. They want to “kill the infidels” and take over their countries. So why keep them around?   

Recently, a fight between a couple of Muslim gangs broke out in Germany, and it was all caught on tape by a passerby hidden safely in the distance. 

The fight started out with the Muslim men hitting each other with sticks, machetes, and other objects. They proceeded to huddle together around a single person and beat them to the ground. Nobody who was not affiliated with the gangs dared to get involved; not even the police department themselves.   

Where were the police? Why weren’t they intervening and arresting people? This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Several weeks ago in Germany during the night hours, several Muslims screamed “Allah Akbar” as they ran about on the streets swinging their knives. Meanwhile, the police just stood back, leaned against their cars and watched. Who has been giving law enforcement orders not to do their job when it involves Muslims? It seems as if someone higher up is saying, “Well, those people are Muslims and Muslims are our friend. It’s okay, it’s just a little disagreement. Things will settle themselves.” But that’s not how that’s supposed to work. One is not immune from the law just because of their skin color. Wait a minute! Isn’t excluding Muslims from the law… racist?! 

The point is, there are obviously issues in Germany with Muslim gangs. It’s time for law enforcement to do their jobs and arrest them.      

Eventually, the fight died down and the gangs went their separate ways. But again, the police never showed up. Not even one single officer. Here in America, if a fight broke out like that in the middle of the city, the police would have people cuffed on the ground before anybody was given a black eye. Why aren’t things the same in Germany, where women can’t even walk in the streets by themselves without fear of getting raped? 

The police really need to step up their game, because if they don’t, the German people won’t have a country to call their own.