The ever so popular and politically correct hashtag among Social Justice Warriors is #NotAllMuslimRefugees, but from the way things look now, they should be saying #MostlyAllMuslimRefugees. I should probably leave a bunch lines without text so that the Snowflakes can have some time to recuperate from their triggered minds, but then again, Squawker isn’t a safe space, so let’s move on. 

In 2017 alone, $100 Million dollars of taxpayer money was shipped over to Islamic countries and handed out to terrorist organizations like ISIS and the Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group al-Shabaab. Who was sending that money? None other than the liberal’s favorite group of oppressed peoples, the Muslim refugees. How they’ve succeeded this long is all thanks to a whole lot of fraud and a whole lot of people who refuse to put the blame of Muslim refugees for anything. 

According to True Pundit, these refugees used the most innocent thing they could think of to pocket our taxpayer dollars and send them off to genocidal maniacs; child care. 

“The funds have originally come from daycare centers that receive funding from the government for child care benefits. However, the daycare centers in many cases are not actually watching children, with video footage from outside one center showing a mother taking children in, only to leave minutes later. The center billed the government as though the children were there all day. Another video appears to show a payment from a man to a mother as a cut for her assistance with the scheme.”    

Apparently, the money they steal from hard working Americans is brought to their relatives in Middle Eastern countries, which means their relatives are terrorists, but for some reason, we still let them into our country anyway. Glen Kerns, a retired Seattle Police detective and former member of the FBI’s joint terrorism task force, confirmed that at least some of the money is going to al-Shabaab and other terrorist groups. The rest is going in these refugees pockets. 

Shady characters are everywhere, but non more red flag raising worthy than the Muslim refugees. It’s politically incorrect to call them out on behavior we all know they exhibit, but as for me, I’d rather be politically incorrect than continue to allow my tax money to be used in funding ISIS.   

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