More and more Muslim women are leaving their lives of freedom behind and venturing out into the apparent land of endless job opportunities; otherwise known as Saudi Arabia. But when they return home, their families are less than happy to see them. In fact, one woman by the name of Salma explained that she had taken a job in Saudi Arabia, but that her boss turned out to be violent. When she returned home, she was so sick and beaten that her family completely disowned her. Shoebat reports:

Many others like Salma went to work as a house-help in Saudi Arabia over the last few years but had to return home being tortured; some of them even complained of being raped.

Salma said in her account of what happened,

“They never gave me enough food and always beat me. He (the employer) used to say bad things to me. He beat me as I didn’t listen to his indecent proposal.”

“One day he asked me to make coffee. He followed me when I went to do that. I tried to avoid him but he said indecent things to me and pushed me down on the floor. I had a match-stick with me and I set fire to his attire.”

When she and a few others were finally able to return home, all of their families shunned them. Husbands were leaving their wives and children were banned from seeing their mothers all because they were abused by other men and therefore, according to their religion, unclean and dead to them. 

Salma’s father said he’d “try to” accept his daughter back into their family, even though the events that took place against her were not her fault. Thousands of women have made the decision to pursue jobs in Saudi Arabia, but that does not warrant an excuse for their torture. These are crimes against humanity, and if we as American’s always claim to hold the world to a higher standard, then why aren’t we stepping in and saying, “This is unlawful”?    

Feminists need to take a hard look at themselves and realize how great they have it. If they want to fight for the rights of women, they should stop fighting for what they already have and instead, fight for the rights of Muslim women all around the world.