If you’re in France or let’s be real, anywhere in the world, chances are you’ll come across some shady characters from time to time. None of which, are as shady as those belonging to Islam. When was the last time you went to a grocery store, saw a woman wearing a hijab and didn’t automatically feel as though you needed to keep your wits about you? If you said “never” you’re a liberal and a liar. 

One Muslim woman is now facing 4 months in prison for throwing death threats and hurling homophobic insults at a gay couple in a supermarket located in France. She is also being fined 5,700 euros which will go to the couple and a gay right foundation. Reportedly, the Muslim woman was standing behind the couple in a checkout line when she yelled at the men, 

“You gays, you shouldn’t be allowed to live! In Algeria, we’d slit your throats.”

Naturally, the couple was distraught, as anyone would be after receiving a creepy death threat. They took the woman to court and won their case. 

The Muslim woman said she had made those comments in response to what she claims was an already intense culture war. She said that the couple had insulted her by calling her a “dirty Arab” but even in a line full of people, no one heard them say that. Likely, her claims are false and she’s really just a “nasty woman.” 

In the end, she remarked, “Yes, I’m homophobic, so what?” and said that her anger was due to tiredness from her pregnancy, but she ultimately failed at playing the woman card. Studies show that the majority of people belonging to the Islamic faith in Britan alone say that homosexuality should be illegal, while others in different parts of the world who practice extremist laws push gays off of bridges, stone them to death, and torture them in other gruesome ways. 

The couple did not comment on their feelings concerning the death threats, rather choosing to settle the matter in court privately. Meanwhile, the Muslim woman still wants to label herself as the victim due to the fact that (evidently) she can’t control her emotions while she’s carrying a child. Social Justice Warriors are also paying no mind to this case, sticking to their “not all Muslims” angle. Not all, but most. This is what liberals fail to realize. Their own religion preaches that gay people should be killed because they are not pure. They often march separately in protests, and really can’t stand to be around each other. 

Liberals, look around. Muslims are not peaceful people, and they’re not the saint you make them out to be. Wake up and smell the facts; if you’re gay or support gay rights, Muslims hate your guts. End of story.