Such a nasty… wait, which gender do you identify as today? Of course, there are more than two genders, so just tell me what you’re feeling today, and I’ll petition the construction of over twenty different public bathrooms for each one. If we leave anyone out, we’ll beg for forgiveness and pathetically give in to this weird narrative that you can just say you’re a panda one day and BAM! You’re an adorable little panda who knows kung fu. 

A “Trans Artist” known as Cassils, collected 200 gallons of her own… his… its… I don’t even know, urine. Intended to be an art exhibit at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City, Cassils had one purpose behind the exhibit; protesting Trump. Oh great. Another idiot protesting Trump, what did he do this time? Well, on February 22nd, Donald Trump canceled out the rules of trans students that gave them the choice to choose the bathroom they chose based on the gender with which they identified. Though in places like California, the law is already being enforced. In this state, if you think you’re a girl but God made you a boy, sure, use whatever bathroom you want. Not weird at all… 

VICE News made a video diary on Cassils odd and quite frankly, disgusting and unsanitary journey. Some of the description reads:     


“Cassils, a performance artist (who happens to be trans), went decided to make a statement with a durational act: as if to hold their piss, they collected their own urine for 200 days in order to finally place it all in one glass cube at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in NYC.”   

Who just so happens to be trans. Please. This whole thing is about being trans and shoving it in everyone face, demanding that we accept it lest we get labeled as bigots or Nazi’s. Their new motto? Accept us, or forever be prosecuted. Love us, or die. 

The video begins with Cassils peeing into a jug, saying how their a visual artist, how usually their art form usually stems from some sort of visual performance. If that’s true, the video should have ended there. Unfortunately, it continues. The entire time, the person complains about how anxious they are, how you have to use the bathroom of the gender you were assigned, (Which I don’t understand, why is this person complaining when they go on to say how they use whatever bathroom they want to anyway?) and how awkward it is for this person to carry a gallon of their own pee with them everywhere all day. Um, yeah. it should be awkward. I’m not going to stand next to someone who is carrying a gallon of pee. Are these people out of their mind? 

As the exhibit draws near, Cassils, Cassils wife, and their friends, prepare for the delivery of 200 gallons of urine. Cassils comments on how they’re not really supposed to ship urine (no way) and they proceed to act shady and lie to the delivery man. Honestly, they’d make great mobsters. 

The night finally arrives. Several people stand around, looking in either awe or disgust at the site before their eyes. A Trans person, literally peeing in front of everyone. Off to the side, is a giant cube of urine. This person’s hope, is that a rich collector will see it, purchase it, and place it near Trump Tower or adjacent to the White House Fountain. A component of the artist’s statement reads:   

 “How do we take the seeds of things that we believe that are possible and beautiful about this culture reenact them in a time where they really feel like they’re slipping through the cracks? When we think of the idea of alchemy of turning what you have into gold on some level this is a way of looking at the dire political situation we’re in right now. And thinking about the possibility for transformation not just in terms of transformation as a trans person, but how do we take this dire situation we’ve been dealt and how do we turn it into something of worth again?”

Gold… how accurate. Nothing about this is brave, all of this is stupid and absolutely useless. From February till now, this person has been carrying their urine around and storing it in other people’s refrigerators. Cassils complained how “it sucks” to pee in these jugs. Why do it then? This “piece of art” accomplishes nothing in the grand scheme of things. It’s nasty, extremely unsanitary, and a waste of time. Please Cassils, don’t ever try this again.          

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  • lysergikon

    I’ve gotten so used to “trans” being shoved in my face that I’m actually more pissed (haha, get it) at institutional art for, yet again, encouraging someone to do this.

  • keystonepipe

    Maybe he/it will drown in it

    • Yeah, right

      Now that is something people who like to see, hell pay money for even: “Local shim drowns in its own piss & sh@t, updates at 11:00!”

      This is proof positive that liberalism is truly a mental disease! Great part of all this crazy twisted leftist bullshit, is that they will all go the way of the Dodo bird…. because no one worth their own name sake would want to be associated with this insane sh@t!


    KILL IT ~

  • Cmdr. Goatlips

    What a sick f-gt.

  • Lord Layton

    Keel Haul the stupid cundick in it.

  • Just plain ‘ol fucking satanists

  • Christopher Courtney

    Cry me a river ,WHAAAAAAY.Offended ? Fuck your feelings.Don’t like it ?Tuff shit what do you do when you hear about a septic tank?Ohhh it has shit and piss in it.Unsanitary? Urine has antiseptic property’s too much of a pussy to be around a tranny with a jug of urine?Oh wait the writer is a pussy.

    • Yeah, right

      Another shim get TRIGGERED! LOL! You freaks are all f@cking whining and bitching because real Americans will no longer ALLOW your twisted unnatural crazy shit to continued and are forcing you back to bizarro world you all came from! You leftist liberals kept poking the silent sleeping Dragon until they woke but instead of being content with having the same rights as everyone else, you go even more nuts assuming that the vast majority would simply roll over to all your INSANE demands. The best part is that you twisted rejects played-out all your race cards, insults and white hate…. NO ONE GIVES A SH@T any longer! lol No one cares anymore about crazy leftists trying to label some one a “racist” as a means to close down free speech…. You my friend and all those twisted victim-hooded crying losers like you have dug your own holes directly due to crazy nasty stunts like this shim did by thinking 200 gallons of shit & piss is somehow “art”!!!! lmfao! Now don’t you have to go save up your own sh@t or something? You poor f@cking loser!

  • Christopher Courtney

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