The article in question started positively enough. Calling popular Youtube star Anthony Fantano the most famous music critic on earth. Regardless of the truth in that claim, without question at well over a million subscribers Anthony is certainly one of the most influential music critics alive today. But like so many other stars recently, he has now found himself in the cross-hairs of an angry Regressive Left mob, for alleged crimes that all things considered would have rustled almost no feathers just a few years back.

Anthony’s career seemed to be going smoothly. His channel was growing, and he had just finalized plans for a large scale speaking tour to engage with fans directly. Plans that Anthony just announced in the past 24 hours have now been scrapped, as almost all of the hosting venues have suddenly deemed him too politically toxic. But how did a Youtube music reviewer find himself in the same situation that the likes of Milo and Ben Shapiro often do? It all starts with that previously mentioned article. A lengthy hit piece on Anthony via popular music magazine Fader, which brought to light the fact that he also happened to run a far less well-known channel. A channel they accused of pandering to the dreaded Alt-Right.This second channel, which has since been purged of almost all its content, was more Kek-Right then hardcore White Nationalist however. With videos like, Pepe the frog triggers Hillary Clinton and Mega-Cuck says Pokémon Go is like dogfighting, making up the majority of the content. Fantano himself has since tried to defend the second channel on the basis of it just being humorous satire, and not intended to be taken too seriously.A quick look at the YouTuber’s Twitter account shows that this satire defense might even be legitimate. As by all accounts the man appears to be a largely mainstream progressive, at least going by his tweets from the last few days. As ever though, that certainly hasn’t stopped the left from eating its own. With complaints raging that even if the channel was intended on some level to be a parody of the Alt-Right, he was still guilty of ignoring that large parts of his mostly male fan base were likely enjoying the content for the wrong reasons.

Of course it’s worth noting there is also some evidence to suggest that what aired on that now purged channel was quite possibly not satire at all. But rather the real Fantano in comparison to the more marketable mainstream politically correct persona he adopts elsewhere. 

For example, on his podcast he once invited incredibly controversial fellow YouTube star Sargon of Akkad on. One of the most notorious figures on the Anti-SJW side of YouTube. Fantano even agreed with Akkad on a number of issues including that “left wing activists” are on the rise, and that the “gender debate distracts” from more important issues. Another popular Alt-Right leaning voice, Sam Hyde was also invited on as a guest just months later. Sam who even stated on the podcast while Fantano laughed along things like, “the government keeps giving women a paycheck to use their pussies like ATMs and crap out kids.”

But in the end, even if Fantano is guilty of having a few less than politically correct views. What does it matter? It’s actually a quite sad state of affairs we have if this successful entertainer is forced to maintain a fake online persona just to protect his business and career.

To be clear, I am not saying Fantano should have brought his more right leaning beliefs to his main channel, which he never has for that matter. But why do fans who enjoy his politically free music review work have to be so triggered and refuse to watch content they otherwise like, just because elsewhere Fantano makes unrelated content they don’t happen to agree with. After all if everyone only ever watched entertainment whose stars they agreed with politically, almost no Conservative Americans would ever watch a Hollywood made movie or TV show again.

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